Bye bye Barack - Hello Donald. Wonderful, amazing things will happen to our parish, carnage will end immediately and he’ll surely make America grope again ....... for what ...... the promised land or the exits? Time will tell. It surely won’t be dull. Let’s wait and see.

The Parish Council is rumoured to be awaiting early plans for approval to build a 20 foot high wall around the bounds to keep commuters out until we understand just what is going on up at the railway line. When they do, it would be splendid if they could get the constructors to paint the currently garish new galvanised steel stantions painted a pleasant countryside green.

In the meantime readers are advised to watch carefully for Russian techno-agents in the pubs, inside your computers and under your beds ahead of the security services leaking your alleged wildest moments indirectly to the press - especially The Lych Gate. We just don’t have the staff to verify what is true and what is not, but we like too keep our readers interested and our circulation robust. 

Courtesy of the fast evolution of social media, we hear more and more about fake news and post-truth. This is down to widely broadcast individual communicators who do not undertake the verification steps that professional journalists are required to take to confirm their sources and as far as possible, the truth. It is also created for propaganda and promotional purposes. Your editor has been entertained by some of his Facebook friends posting alluring pictures of their new year holidays on the slopes or in far flung sunny places such as the Maldives. In a mood to experiment with the power of the new media and for some fun, he created a series of posts of his own showing off the progress of his skiing trip to Courchevel 1850 ‘in real time’ over three days, from enjoying the pistes, the view from his exotic chalet through to his return flight into Gatwick. The trip was easily created using online webcams and video stills. Some of his friends were intrigued by or ‘liked’ the reports, while his family was somewhat bemused knowing that he should have been at home at his desk - which, of course, he was. Seeing is no longer believing. You have been warned.

The RBWM is running an Energy Switch to Save scheme seeks to help all residents save money on their energy bills and make it as simple as possible to switch supplier. To take part you need to register by 13th February. Registration is free and without obligation.  It looks potentially useful.    

Nick Kendal, Editor "The Lych Gate"