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keep calm raffleThe fete raffle is always one of the most rewarding events...
...could you offer a prize?

We're looking for a few headline prizes - so if you or your company would like to donate or sponsor a prize, please get in touch with Teen on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill in this form below now.

Smaller prizes are also welcomed for the various games and sideshows - we're very grateful for all donations of good quality, new items.

(And if what you have isn't prize-quality - remember there's a bric-a-brac stall!)


The Fete Committee comes together voluntarily to run the Parish Fete.

It includes representatives from the Church, School PTA, Cricket Club and Neville Hall / Parish Council to whom the proceeds go.

In no particular order...

Mark Hipgrave (Chair, Parish Council liaison)
Serena Bowe (Treasurer)
Caroline Butler (Logistics/Planning)
David Crawley-Boevey (Side-shows, Church liaison)
Katie Sarsfield (Barbeque)
Charles Ancliffe (Entertainment)
Rupe Patel (Bar, Cricket Club liaison)
Sally Burtenshaw (Dog Show)
Tina Presnail (Raffle)
Viv McCallum (Tea Tent)
Anne-Marie McEvett (Children's Activities, PTA liaison)
Simon Shaw (Publicity)

To get in touch, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

dog show pooch trThe fete will have the usual companion dog show,
with classes suitable for all kinds of best friends:

  • Best Pedigree Dog/Bitch
  • Best Cross Breed
  • Best Puppy  (6 – 18 months)
  • Best Veteran   any variety    (over 8 years)
  • Best Rescue Dog
  • Dog with the Waggiest Tail
  • Dog the Judge would like to take home

Click here to download the agenda and entry form.

Welcome to the Home Page of the 2017 Parish Fete

Saturday 17th June from 1pm at the Cricket Club, Shurlock Row

On these pages we'll be keeping you up to date with plans for the fete as they progress, and an opportunity to get involved,

from simply giving us an idea about what you'd like to see, entering the dog show, booking a craft stall pitch and more...

To whet your appetite, here are some photos from previous years' fetes...

Meetings are held in Neville Hall starting at 7.00pm. Members of the public are warmly welcomed to attend.



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I'm Suzy Young (formerly Grimshaw) and I'd like your vote for Parish Council. I've lived in WSL for over 30 years, having grown up on Milley Road, and now live in the railway cottages by the bridge. I've not had any previous experience of local government and don't have a pre-determined agenda behind my decision to stand, but simply hope that I will provide a balanced and considered point of view when it comes to decision making in the best interests of the Parish. I attended WSL primary school, and belonged to groups like the Junior Choir and Brownies before working in the Star as a student, and now enjoy helping out at the café and the summer fete. This has helped give me a real appreciation of the community spirit that we have across the Parish. Work-wise, I'm a Director at a London-based business publisher. My daily commute has really brought home to me how lucky I am to live in such a lovely village, which has maintained its rural feel despite being so close to other towns and amenities. I think it's incredibly important that we preserve the essence of the country village for future generations. I'm naturally pro-active, organized and efficient and hope this will stand me in good stead when dealing with all aspects of local government bureaucracy. WSL and the people living here have been very supportive of me throughout my life, and I feel that now is the right time to give something back.


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Since moving to Waltham St Lawrence in 1997 I have shown my commitment to the community - by organising, or helping with: the St Lawrence Café, the Parish Fête, Concerts, and various Neville Hall fundraising events. I manage the parish website. Although I now live nearby in Hurst, my working and social life remains centred here - I run my business from the Neville Hall offices, I founded the 'Waltham Madrigals' singers, and I am also an active member of the church, as a former churchwarden and choirmaster, and now on the parochial church council, where my role is in 'community engagement'. As a Parish Councillor, I would aim to promote the social and cultural life of the parish, to ensure that the policies and decisions of the council are open and fair, and in the best interests of residents. I would defend the conservation of our picturesque rural environment, while supporting appropriate business activity, which benefits us all. Seeking active co-operation from the Royal Borough and its councillors is vital if our voice is to be heard and our wishes met. I would also support any plans to enable local people, particularly the next generation, to afford to live here. Respectfully I ask for your support at the election.


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Originally involved in the 1970’s when, as Chairman of the Preservation Society, opposed giant motorway service area at Shurlock Row over 30 years, first Warren Copse (now Reading Services) later Great Wood/Hazes, all ancient woodlands. In the 1980’s became Borough Councillor on both local and main planning committees (now panels) which determine major applications, the PC as statutory consultees. My principal concern is always safeguarding our precious green belt, conservation areas (3), listed buildings (55) and public rights of way (42). More recently leading on Neighbourhood Plan response including recognition of affordable housing need.


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I'm Katie Sarsfield and have lived and worked in the village since 1999 running my own local IT support service for the last 10 years. I have been an independent, open minded and enthusiastic Parish Councillor since 2009. For many years, along with my husband Ian, I've helped run and take part in many parish and village activities including the Village Fete, Royal Wedding and Golden Jubilee parties as well as various village and Neville Hall fundraising events. Many know me as a rugby fan (London Irish) and with Ian organising and hosting the annual village coach trip to Twickenham, and thanks to so many for supporting my individual efforts including the Moonwalk raising funds for breast cancer and other good causes. Why me? I care about our community, it's people, organisations and facilities and the need to continue to protect our villages from inappropriate building and loss of green space without becoming too insular or protectionist. Of almost constant need is to ensure that our roads and watercourses are improved and that our much used and valued footpath and bridleway network is regularly maintained. I live and work locally and believe I have demonstrated my commitment to our community through involvement in local functions and within the existing Parish Council and as a Neville Hall Trustee: Please vote for me on Thursday 7th of May and I'll promise to continue just as enthusiastically and with the same dedication for a further term. Thanks, Katie



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Mike Kay - promoting teamwork and effectiveness. Like many of us I thought that other people were Parish Councilors - it wasn't something that a busy working person would get involved with. But having lived in this wonderful community for the last 8 years I appreciate that you get out of it what you put in. In my working life I am a professional businessman used to prompt decision making, optimising performance and taking action in a timely fashion. The busiest person tends to be the most productive. We have some diligent, committed and hard working councilors and candidates and I would expect to contribute to the efficient operation of the Council. I am very keen to have the opportunity to put something back into the village and to help to build a team approach, through encouragement and support for others, to maximise the effectiveness of the Parish Council within our community. For these reasons I ask for your support in this election to allow me to promote village causes and maintain, enhance and protect our special community life and spirit.


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My name is Mark Hipgrave and I moved to Waltham St Lawrence with my family in 2011. My eldest daughter also lives in the parish and my granddaughter attends the local school. I have been running my own business for 30 years, have been chairman of various voluntary organisations and I am a member of Maidenhead Lions. I currently organise the bookings for the Neville Hall and am a member of the Neville Hall management team. Last year I was joint Chair of the Village Fete and this year I have been asked to be Chairman. I pride myself on getting things done and making things happen in everything I am involved in. I am passionate about the parish and maintaining the way of life we all enjoy. To this end I request your support in my election to the parish council.


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My name is Charles Stuart Craig and I am asking you to re-elect me for election in the parish council. As a previous councillor I have been responsible for the allotments, ditches and drains. For more than twenty years they have been neglected by the environment agency. Thanks to a local farmer who purchased specialist machinery we have maintained the main drains ourselves at our own expense saving houses from flooding in 2014. Two blocked culverts have been also been repaired. I do have concerns, this parish has always been a conservative stronghold.this has had detrimental effect on the parish receiving only 14 thousand the lowest amount any parish received in the borough. All our 106 agreement monies that's thousands have been taken from this parish have all gone direct to other parishes and the borough. The conservative councillors failed on a regular basis to attend parish meetings. Dare I mention the farce of the travellers site and the tip. Hence the parish's council's views are completely neglected. I would therefore ask you NOT TO VOTE CONSERVATIVE at borough level.I look forward to meeting you all and debating your concerns when I call round and hope you are in. or you can e mail me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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My name is John Birkett, known to some in the Parish as John the Ticket. Nickname came from my days working for BEA and subsequently British Airways. I have worked as a Parish Councillor for this last eight years and have done my best to promote our village. My initial duty as councillor was to monitor
roads. You may recall the condition of Callins Lane some years ago as potholes linked by tarmac. I did manage to get this and some other roads re-surfaced. Some years ago I took over monitoring maintenance of the War Memorial and land the Parish is responsible for. I also undertake to be the lead on planning matters and have also had the pleasure of being vice chairman. I do ask that you all do go and vote on the day. I will not complain if a few of you vote for me but the main thing is that we have a proper election. May the best man/woman win.


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