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CharlesMasonDear Parishioners

If you work for a well-known organisation such as a utility company, a high street bank, a major supermarket or the Local Authority, and reveal that fact in the course of a conversation, you will find that people are quick to tell you their opinion of your employer. You rapidly build up a picture of their public image.

I find the same thing happens with me and the Church of England (or the church in general). And what is the public image? Basically, that the church is always on about sin, and that only non-sinners are welcome. "Say a special prayer for me, Vicar," said one person I used to meet from time to time. "Why?" I asked. "Because I'm a sinner." "Why don't you join us one Sunday?" I ask another. "Oh no," is the reply, "you can do without an old sinner like me…"


This year we had our Harvest Festival Service on Friday 30th September and we were so pleased to see many parents, relatives and friends join us in celebrating the Harvest Festival in Waltham St Lawrence Church. 

The morning is the perfect time to pray.  It gets you focused on God and helps you meditate on those you love and yourself, as well. 

There are many great ways to pray in the morning.  Here are 7 of them.