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Special prayer (Collect) for this Sunday, which is Pentecost:

Holy Spirit, sent by the Father, ignite in us your holy fire; strengthen your children with the gift of faith, revive your Church with the breath of love, and renew the face of the earth, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

My Dear Friends

Migrants, immigrants and would-be immigrants are back in the news. In the last few days every news bulletin has featured the so-called ‘Windrush Generation’, with distressing testimonies from those threatened with deportation, and Government ministers present and past very much on the defensive with interviewers who accuse them of having contributed to the current shambles (if that’s not too strong a word). The flow of people braving the perils of crossing the Mediterranean from North Africa to Italy in unseaworthy and overcrowded boats continues, as does the invasion by stowaways of lorries waiting to cross from France to Britain. Some determined migrants have even walked into the Channel Tunnel, perhaps expecting to do the whole 31 miles on foot, and a couple of incredibly brave but very foolish characters have clung to the undercarriage of aircraft for 10-hour flights at over 30,000 feet.

Attached here is the Annual Report and Accounts for the PCC
(Parochial Church Council) of Waltham St Lawrence Parish

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This year we had our Harvest Festival Service on Friday 30th September and we were so pleased to see many parents, relatives and friends join us in celebrating the Harvest Festival in Waltham St Lawrence Church. 

The morning is the perfect time to pray.  It gets you focused on God and helps you meditate on those you love and yourself, as well. 

There are many great ways to pray in the morning.  Here are 7 of them.