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Services - Apr 2017

Date Time Service Sidesmen etc.
2nd Apr 8.45am Holy Communion (Said, BCP)

Derek Titford

Lent 5 10am All-age Service

John & Ann Skidmore

Songs: (HON) 500, 269, 273, 499

Reading: John 19.14-22 Junior Reader

6pm Choral Evensong

Pat Woodford

Setting: Fauxbourdon - Morley Responses: Ebdon


Introit: Call to remembrance – Farrant

Simon Shaw

Anthem: Thou wilt keep him – S.S.Wesley

Hymns: (AMNS) 72, 128, 9  Ps130 (ch139)

Readings: Is 43.8-13 P Woodford & John 14.1-9a A Boyd

9th Apr 8.45am Holy Communion (Said, BCP)

Andrew Campbell

Palm 10am Parish Communion – with distribution of palms

Chris Howell

Sunday Introit: Hosanna to the Son of David – Hutchings


Anthem: God so loved the world – Stainer

Linda Sykes

Hymns: (AMNS) 328, 61 (t2), 63 (omit v6)


Reading: Psalm 40.9-17 Sally Burtenshaw

Andy Hyde

Reading: Matthew 26.57-75 Diarmid Williams

4pm Messy Church – starting in the Neville Hall

13th Apr 8pm Holy Communion - with feet-washing

Chris Howell

Maundy Introit: Jesu, dulcis memoria – Vittoria


Thursday Anthem: Verily, verily, I say unto you – Tallis

Simon Shaw

Setting: Darke in F

Hymns: (AMNS) 65, on sheet, 66

Reading: 1 Corinthians 11.23-26 Prue Williams

Reading: John 13.1-17 Christopher King

14th Apr 2pm At The Foot Of The Cross - guided meditation

Chris Howell

Good Introit: Crux Fideles – King John of Portugal

Friday Hymns: (AMNS) 137, 71, 67, 68

(followed by a performance of the Fauré Requiem)

16th Apr 8.45am Holy Communion (Said, BCP)

Lisa Grandin

Easter 9.30am St Lawrence Café (Neville Hall): All Welcome!

Day 10.30am Parish Family Communion

Bertie Gilbart-Smith

Introit: The Lord is risen – Thalben-Ball


Anthem: The strife is o’er – Ley

Barbara Thompson

Hymns: (AMNS) 77, 73, 428


Reading: John 20.1-10 David Crawley-Boevey

Linda Sykes

23rd Apr 8.45am Holy Communion (Said, BCP)

David Crawley-Boevey

Easter 2 10am Parish Communion

Tony Boyd

Introit: These are they that follow the Lamb - Goss


Anthem: This joyful Eastertide – Wood

Jen Woodhams

Hymns: (AMNS) 82, 78, 81, 139


Reading: Psalm 110.1-7 Vaughan Wickins

Derek Titford

Reading: John 20.19-31 John Skidmore

30th Apr 8.45am Holy Communion (Said, BCP)

Pam Wolstenholme

Easter 3 10am Sung Matins

Christopher King

Introit: Gracious is the Lord - Cashmore   


Anthem: He is risen – Whitlock

Christopher King

Setting: Te Deum (1,2,3), Jubilate in Bb - Stanford

Hymns: (AMNS) 79, 381, 74 (omit *) Ps116 (292)

Reading: Deuteronomy 16.9-17 Simon Shaw

Reading: 2 Corinthians 8.1-15 Bertie Gilbart-Smith