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I am very heartened by the support from the government in various statements that they intend to protect the Green Belt, which reinforces the stance on the NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) which states “The Government attaches great importance to Green Belts. The fundamental aim of Green Belt policy is to prevent urban sprawl by keeping land permanently open; the essential characteristics of Green Belts are their openness and their permanence.” It is the permanence which is the important feature.
We are doing well in our financial support, which is in the form of promises at the moment. However, we would welcome more funds.

A company has been established “Campaign to Protect RuralWokingham Limited”. I am in the process of opening a bank account which is not easy nowadays. Once done we shall make calls on the promisors. The company has six putative directors and will have the appropriate governance processes and controls.
We have made our constituency MP, who is the Prime Minister, aware of the threat and are keeping her appraised of developments.
We have appointed planning agents, briefed them and through them briefed Counsel.
I have spoken to the Haines Hill family to confirm that they are indeed supporting the promoter of the scheme to build in the Green belt in Ruscombe.
We have been a little quiet in the last few weeks on the campaign to firmly establish the foundation of what will be a vital and maybe a long campaign. I have been talking to parish councils to encourage their support. Lots has been going on.
We hope to have the online signup form open by the weekend when we shall be going to the Twyford Christmas Fair.
We will in the next few weeks re-establish the momentum and be in touch with all our supporters.
You are very welcome to talk to me on 07939 041227 or 01491 576190 or email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
John Halsall


John Halsall, Wokingham Borough Councillor for Remenham, Wargrave and Ruscombe, will give a 10 minute presentation at the start of the next Parish Council meeting (5th December 7pm, Neville Hall) to update us on the actions being taken to oppose the large development in and around Twyford and Ruscombe being proposed for the Wokingham Local Plan.