Summary of issues raised/arising in the month.

(This document is not a record of the Parish Council (PC) meeting.)

Bellman Hanger  17/03903

The Preservation Society kindly paid for an independent transport review. The conclusions of that review were as follows:

  1. The proposed visibility splays at the site access fall short of absolute minimum standards.  The proposed site access arrangements are therefore unsafe;
  2. To achieve even the sub-standard visibility splays it will be necessary to remove mature trees to the north of the access.  It is likely that land outside of the applicant's control would be required to achieve even the sub-standard visibility to the south of the access;
  3. It is not acceptable to introduce a condition to require specified visibility splays since these splays are unlikely to be achievable in practice.  Any such condition would therefore be unreasonable;
  4. The proposed development generates well over twice the level of traffic that has previously been judged the maximum permissible for the site;
  5. The site is entirely inaccessible by sustainable modes and residents would be totally dependent on the private car.  The site is therefore contrary to both national and local policy.

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