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Minutes of Meeting and Chairman's address.




We have now entered the sixth year of unauthorised Traveller encampment on a green field site between our two conservation villages. Having lost at the Judicial Review hearing in the High Court they are still intent on appealing, this time to the Court of Appeal  for which we await the outcome. Their latest planning applications were unanimously refused by the Borough on both green belt & flooding grounds.

The other major planning event is the ongoing Neighbourhood Plan which seeks to bring some measure of agreement on the Hurley & Walthams ward policy issues of housing, in particular 'affordable', also on the environment, community, business & transport. Matters such as identifying rural exception sites, local green spaces, areas of special character as well as community facilities, local employment sites and education requirements have been debated in depth and the final version of the pre-submission document has now emerged to be submitted for public consultation. Along with the Borough's replacement Local Plan it will form the basis of future development decisions which are still constrained by green belt and flooding considerations especially in our parish, and with strengthened protection for our Conservation Areas.