Parish Council Legal & Regulatory

Legal, Regulatory and Adopted Policies

Audit and Accountability Act 2014.

Transparency code for smaller authorities Dec 2014

A guide to the changes to the smaller authorities local audit and accountability framework 2015

Accounts and audit regulations (England) 2015 statutory Instrument No.234

The local audit smaller authorities regs 2015 statutory inst 184

A guide for the press and public on attending and reporting meetings of local government Aug 2014



Clerk's Contract April 2017

RFO Contract Oct 2016


Financial Regs adopted 9th May 2017

Standing Orders for Smaller Parishes adopted 9th May 2017

Code of Conduct for Members adopted 9th May 2017

Media Policy adopted 9th May 2017

IT Policy adopted 9th May 2017

The DPI forms are available to view on the RBWM website at   currently link is being updated

Risk Register adopted 5th April 2016

Model publication scheme here.