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New Parish Clerk

The PC welcomes Alison Jones to the role of Parish Clerk.

Alison is contactable on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Attached the Adoption Notice, CIL Charging Schedule, Examiners Report and Full Council Report for the adoption of the Community Infrastructure levy. 

Adoption Notice - RBWMDepositLetterAdoption.pdf

Charging Schedule - CILChargingSchedule.pdf

Examiner's Report - CILInspectorFinalReport.pdf

Full Council Report - FullCouncilReport10-08-2016.pdf

WSL Parish Council

The Inspector's report on RBWM's CIL Draft Charging Schedule and supporting documents is here.

Proposal for development of an open space at Shurlock Road.

'The Parish Council, in association with the Royal Borough, is exploring options for creating an open space for residents using 13 acres of council-owned land off the Shurlock Road. This open space would be freely accessible and include grassland with footpaths, a children's play area, picnic benches, a pond, parking facilities and secure perimeter fencing. The parking area would have a height restricted access.

The aims of the development would be to provide public access for informal recreation while retaining and enhancing the established wildlife potential.  The Shurlock Road grassland site is part of a Wildlife Heritage Site/Local Wildlife Site and comprises an area of largely unimproved, herb-rich grassland of high biodiversity importance.

The land would be leased from RBWM for a peppercorn rent. The proposal would be implemented in 2 stages. The first stage costs would be funded using existing S106 funds in combination with a capital bid. The second stage, making a pond and wetland area plus enhancing footpaths in well used areas, would be dependent on attracting external funding based on the work establishes in stage 1.

The annual maintenance costs identified by RBWM appear to be higher than expected and the PC will endeavour to investigate those costs further to see if they can be reduced by using our own contractors.

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