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The date for the referendum the Hurley and the Walthams Neighbourhood Plan has been set as Thursday the 23rd November.  Further information can be found on the RBWM web site

There is also a helpline that can be contacted on 01628 683868 or you can email

A copy of the Neighbourhood Plan current as at 17th Oct 2017 is below and there is also a copy in The Bell. Residents will be able to have their say on this in a referendum, on 23rd November.

 NHP document.

The Parish Council have written a letter to our MP, Theresa May and copied in the Chief Executives of Wokingham and RBWM. 

The letter is available hereRuscombe development.jpg


Attached the Adoption Notice, CIL Charging Schedule, Examiners Report and Full Council Report for the adoption of the Community Infrastructure levy. 

Adoption Notice - RBWMDepositLetterAdoption.pdf

Charging Schedule - CILChargingSchedule.pdf

Examiner's Report - CILInspectorFinalReport.pdf

Full Council Report - FullCouncilReport10-08-2016.pdf

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