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Parish Clerk vacancy

After 17 years in the post the current Clerk has decided that it is time to pass the baton and, following her retirement, Waltham St Lawrence Parish Council is inviting applicants to apply for the position with effect from 1 April 2017. 

We are a small but active Council and are looking for someone who will enjoy supporting us to achieve our aim of being effective representatives and delivering value to our community.  The Clerk is the Proper Officer of the Council and, working from home, is responsible for preparing agendas, recording minutes and organising the council's day to day administration. The applicant must have good organisational, communication and IT skills. The Clerk is required to attend 12 evening Parish Council meetings per year (normally held on the first or second Tuesday of the month), an Annual Parish Meeting (in April) and such other council meetings as may be decided.  The hours are expected to average 35 hours a month. 

The starting salary will be determined according to experience and qualifications. The salary range will be in line with recognised Local Government Scale SCP 17 whilst working towards a qualification  (from April 2017 this is £9.21 per hour) progressing to SCP 20 – 23 depending on experience and qualifications, the top end representing the CiLCA qualification. (From April 2017 this will be between £10.07 and £11.02 per hour). A qualification would be valuable but is not essential and we would encourage and support the successful applicant in training and to work towards a qualification.

For further details contact the Chairman of the Parish Council;

Mike Kay Tel:07769 740207 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Applications in the form of a covering letter and a short CV should be submitted by Friday 10th March 2017 to the Chairman of the Parish Council, preferably by email or by post (see inside back cover of the Lych Gate) 



Attached the Adoption Notice, CIL Charging Schedule, Examiners Report and Full Council Report for the adoption of the Community Infrastructure levy. 

Adoption Notice - RBWMDepositLetterAdoption.pdf

Charging Schedule - CILChargingSchedule.pdf

Examiner's Report - CILInspectorFinalReport.pdf

Full Council Report - FullCouncilReport10-08-2016.pdf

WSL Parish Council

Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

Hurley and the Walthams Neighbourhood Plan: Submission Plan (June 2016) will be available for you to view and comment between the following dates:

Start date: 21/07/16 08:00

End date: 02/09/16 16:45

Please select the following link to view this event:

If the link appears to be broken, please try copying the entire link into the address bar on your web browser.

The Inspector's report on RBWM's CIL Draft Charging Schedule and supporting documents is here.

The notice to electors advising that electors may request to see the financial records of the Council for the year 2015-16 during the period from 6th June to 15th July together with a copy of the Annual Return submitted to the external auditors is featured in the link below.

During this period electors can inspect the accounts, ask questions of the auditors or make an objection. Any question or objection must be raised within the 30 day inspection period

Please contact the Clerk if you wish to exercise your rights.

The unaudited Annual Return may be subject to change. 

Invitation to view the accounts and put queries to auditors

Update based on an email from Cllr Maureen Hunt on 24th Feb 2016.

The consultation process remains open until 18th March 2016. To date there have been 40 responses to the survey.

Proposal for development of an open space at Shurlock Road.

'The Parish Council, in association with the Royal Borough, is exploring options for creating an open space for residents using 13 acres of council-owned land off the Shurlock Road. This open space would be freely accessible and include grassland with footpaths, a children's play area, picnic benches, a pond, parking facilities and secure perimeter fencing. The parking area would have a height restricted access.

The aims of the development would be to provide public access for informal recreation while retaining and enhancing the established wildlife potential.  The Shurlock Road grassland site is part of a Wildlife Heritage Site/Local Wildlife Site and comprises an area of largely unimproved, herb-rich grassland of high biodiversity importance.

The land would be leased from RBWM for a peppercorn rent. The proposal would be implemented in 2 stages. The first stage costs would be funded using existing S106 funds in combination with a capital bid. The second stage, making a pond and wetland area plus enhancing footpaths in well used areas, would be dependent on attracting external funding based on the work establishes in stage 1.

The annual maintenance costs identified by RBWM appear to be higher than expected and the PC will endeavour to investigate those costs further to see if they can be reduced by using our own contractors.

The Presubmission Neighbourhood plan is available on to view. Meetings will be held at Hurley Village Hall, 10.00 - 12.00 Sat 16th January and Woodlands Park Village Centre 10.45 - 12.45 Sat 23rd Jan. Or email comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or write to Hurley and the Walthams Neignbourhood Plan, c/o White Waltham Village Centre, Manifold Way, Waltham Rd, White Waltham, SL6 3GW or complete the survey on


Consultation Closes 26th February 2016


Welcome to this month’s newsletter.

It is that time of year when old rivalries on the rugby home nations international stage come to the front even though we English have to put up with an Australian who lost a World Cup final against us.

Transport Survey Results Nov 2015

WSL Primary School Parking: Residents’ feedback, 10 October 2015




  • There needs to be a broad range of measures to help tackle the problem, no one solution
  • Views from residents were mixed – some regarded it as a real issue, others were relatively unconcerned (e.g. out at work during the day, acceptance of issue as living on ‘School Rd’)
  • Proximity to the school has a bearing on degree of priority
  • General view that vehicle numbers have increased following rise in number of children travelling from outside the school catchment area – therefore not eligible for bus and car sharing more difficult
  • The school has expanded pupil numbers in recent years but not had to submit a corresponding updated travel plan
  • A number of teachers are parking on the road too (even before the building works) – not just a parent issue
  • The problem generally seems to be worse in the afternoon, with parking starting from as early as 2pm – although views are split on this
  • Perception that this is a school issue and not one for residents to solve
  • Many residents highlighted view that the school pick up has to become less of a social event – have parents been actively encouraged to congregate in school playground at pick up time? This exacerbates the situation with cars parked longer than necessary
  • Residents could ease situation by parking on driveways more – but this is not always possible because if they need to leave at a certain time they have to ensure they can exit


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