Summary of issues raised/arising in the month.

(This document is not intended to be read as a record of the minutes of the Parish Council (PC) meeting.)

in this issue:
Ruscombe Development - Nature Reserve - Downfield Tip - Speedwatch - Travellers Site - Meetings - Football Field - Defibrilllators - Gullies - Allotments

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Major Development in Ruscombe

The development area shown on the website for the Wokingham Local Plan ( is much smaller than was shown on the original map circulated. We will be keeping a watching brief on the Wokingham Local Plan as it goes through its approval stages to ensure the green belt is protected.



Shurlock Rd Nature Reserve and Play Area

The opinions have been gathered and counted. Many thanks to all those who helped with the task of preparing and disseminating the details and gathering the opinions.

The numbers on the night were 100 in favour and 16 against, a further three emails were discovered after the deadline which had been received before the deadline. All three were in favour.

Although the turnout was disappointing it is broadly comparable to the turnout for the Police and Crime Commissioner election in 2016.

The PC approved the proposal to enter negotiations with RBWM to adopt the Shurlock Rd Nature Reserve and Play Area. Subject to these negotiations, capital bid monies being approved by RBWM and planning permission being granted - RBWM Officers anticipated that the reserve will be ready in the Spring 2018.

During the consultation it became clear that there are two issues which are of especial interest to residents. Firstly, speed limits and road safety throughout the parish and secondly, the lack of any safe pedestrian path or walkway from Shurlock Row along Shurlock Rd to the War Memorial.

Downfield Tip

Residents continue to report lorry movements. The PC has been unable to get any sort of explanation from RBWM Enforcement.


Speedwatches have been organised on Shurlock Rd and Milley Rd. Concerns have also been raised about Broadmoor Rd so that will be looked at again.

Despite many historical requests for more 30 mph limits it's proven extremely difficult to make headway in this area with a stock response from RBWM Highways officers that a change in speed limit to 40mph to 30mph will have limited effect on most road users as it cannot be easily enforced. This is coupled with a concern by residents of the urbanisation effect of many traffic calming measures e.g. speed bumps and road narrowing. We have not given up on this issue and will be raising it again.

Travellers site

There have been reports of burning on the site and of rubbish dumped on the entrance way. The PC will contact RBWM Enforcement again.


During the month members of the PC had two meetings. The first with Alison Alexander Managing Director of RBWM, Andy Jeffs an Executive Director of RBWM and Cllr Christine Bateson, Principal Member for Neighbourhood Planning. We raised various items including drainage, the Ruscombe development, footpath maintenance, problems with the planning website, Brook Lane, Downfield Pit, Travellers Site, and planning enforcement generally.

The second meeting was with Cllr David Coppinger, Deputy Chairman of Cabinet and Lead Member for Planning and Health (including Sustainability). We discussed the Local Plan, the planning website, the Ruscombe development, planning matters in general and the lack of communication with examples of an eyesore in Beenhams Heath, Downfield Pit, and ongoing issues at The Shurlock.

Football field access

A new “No parking, access required” sign will be attached to the football field gate at Milley Bridge.


The PC is looking to raise circa £2000 to fund a defibrillator for Shurlock Row.

Thames water and Road gullies

Thames Water are due to be replacing the drain covers at the top of Halls Lane and around the Pound. The Environment Agency have been spotted scanning ditches around the parish for free flow of water but have not been in contact with the PC.


The paths in the allotment area are normally cut twice a year – Spring and Autumn. They are due to be done.

The planning application for a storage shed at the front of the allotments will be submitted once the final size and design of the shed has been determined.


The PC resolved to join the London Green Belt Council. The green belt is very important to this parish and it was felt we need to be aware of developments, issues and solutions arising in other locations.

Footpath watch

If residents come across any problems with footpaths, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.