WSL Primary School Parking: Residents’ feedback, 10 October 2015




  • There needs to be a broad range of measures to help tackle the problem, no one solution
  • Views from residents were mixed – some regarded it as a real issue, others were relatively unconcerned (e.g. out at work during the day, acceptance of issue as living on ‘School Rd’)
  • Proximity to the school has a bearing on degree of priority
  • General view that vehicle numbers have increased following rise in number of children travelling from outside the school catchment area – therefore not eligible for bus and car sharing more difficult
  • The school has expanded pupil numbers in recent years but not had to submit a corresponding updated travel plan
  • A number of teachers are parking on the road too (even before the building works) – not just a parent issue
  • The problem generally seems to be worse in the afternoon, with parking starting from as early as 2pm – although views are split on this
  • Perception that this is a school issue and not one for residents to solve
  • Many residents highlighted view that the school pick up has to become less of a social event – have parents been actively encouraged to congregate in school playground at pick up time? This exacerbates the situation with cars parked longer than necessary
  • Residents could ease situation by parking on driveways more – but this is not always possible because if they need to leave at a certain time they have to ensure they can exit



Key parking issues highlighted


  • Cars are parking across driveways, or in such a way that it is difficult to access/exit during school drop off and pick up (some residents choose not to attempt to leave or return home at these times)
  • Cars have broken down the verges down School Road and especially around the corner of Brook Lane, where cars have parked across residents’ lawns.
  • RBWM repairs to Brook Lane have not been adequate – extremely muddy
  • Inconsiderate parking has led to access issues for larger vehicles such as ambulances and delivery drivers
  • Incidents of residents’ cars being bumped by parent vehicles (slight and no damage)
  • Parents’ evenings have been highlighted as problematic, although sports days and panto times were better as playground was opened to cars





Road markings


  • New double yellow lines are generally approved, with mention of extending these further past the corner of Brook Lane and up to the entrance of the school playing field
  • Some suggestion that they should also be extended up to the yellow zig zags in front of the school
  • One resident also suggested the zig zags should also be extended further back up School Road
  • These need to be enforced to have an effect as already being parked on
  • Some residents believe that the creation of the yellow lines is exacerbating the parking issue by reducing the number of parking spaces further


Views on proposed car parking spaces near Sill Bridge


  • The majority of residents are against this proposal, highlighting the following concerns:

o   Blot on the environmental landscape

o   Urbanisation

o   Parking spaces could be used by travellers

o   Could affect house prices of neighbouring dwellings

o   Parents (using current one way system) would drive past these to look for spaces closer to the school

o   Regular flooding on this corner

o   Issues with cars reversing out if cars also parked opposite on School Rd

o   Would require lighting as days shorten

  • A couple of residents were happy with the idea, but did share some of the concerns above


One-way system and stop and drop


  • In essence a good idea but catches out drivers who are not aware of it
  • There have been issues with parents’ becoming very irate with drivers unwittingly going against it
  • If vehicles don’t move on promptly it can become a bit of a log jam
  • Confusion as to start and stop times of one way system
  • Suggestion of meet and greet/wardens as part of stop and drop, meaning parents can stay with vehicles
  • Some consensus that the one way system might work better reversed – although it was suggested that it currently exists as it does to help facilitate mothers with babies in car seats
  • Suggestion that one way system could be enforceable or subject to a bylaw, which prohibits right turns from Brook Lane except for residents




School bus


  • Many held view that use of the bus could be maximised
  • Suggestion that those children travelling from further afield could be picked up by the bus at an allocated pick up point, manned by appropriate wardens e.g. Neville or New Hall
  • Others expressed the view that this would simply be moving the problem elsewhere
  • Perception that the school bus could also stop at Five Oaks Farm to pick up children there
  • View that bus can often be late which is why many parents choose not to use it as they have to get to work on time



Proposed stop and drop using school field


  • Mixed views on this idea
  • Some residents have strong objections, as the school is not the only user of the land
  • Others suggested the school field could be annexed for teacher parking spaces
  • If the area was ‘grasscreted’ and steps could be taken to protect the field from becoming rutted it could have potential


Proposed use of field opposite school for additional parking


  • Purchase and use of area of field opposite the school for teacher parking or stop and drop facility – would need to be gated
  • This idea was favourably viewed by most residents


Other suggestions/comments


  • Use of school veg plots/nature garden in school grounds for drop off area
  • School could stagger arrival and pick up times
  • School needs to do more to remind parents to park considerately
  • Introduction of 20mph speed limit
  • There are currently railings in front of the school gates to prevent children from running out on to road – these have caused problems as not visible at night for pedestrians. Possibility of removing these if school collection takes place inside grounds, although would be necessary if collection was roadside