Welcome to this month’s newsletter.

It is that time of year when old rivalries on the rugby home nations international stage come to the front even though we English have to put up with an Australian who lost a World Cup final against us.


The font of all crime knowledge is back so I can at least give a resume of what has taken place this month.

I am afraid the phone related scams continue unabated. I still try to instil into the target social group the fact that caution is needed but unfortunately the horror stories still occur.

On the physical crime side it looks like the non dwelling burglaries are creeping up with the usual culprits being sheds. There has also been an increase in vehicle crime. I have continued to target car parks both in the Maidenhead town centre and in the rural locations. I still find satellite navigation devices attached to vehicle windscreens and their holders along with electrical cabling in full view indicating to the intelligent criminal that there is a likelihood that the main device is secluded in the glove compartment. I have located some posters which I will place in various car parks around the area.

Also environmental crime in the guise of fly tipping has reared its ugly head again. Household rubbish was left at Winter Hill which was removed by the National Trust at their expense. I have also found three batches of over 50 nitrous oxide canisters in the car parks around Cookham Dean. They have been removed. Another incident of fly tipping I located was in the Cannon Lane area of White Waltham. The tip consisted of over 300 vehicle tyres. On reporting the site to our ‘Streetcare’ department I was informed several days later that two members of the public subsequently witnessed additional fly tipping in the same location consisting of the same materials. Vehicle details were obtained and thanks to them hopefully a prosecution may result from their information.

Sometimes we do get nice results.

Following on from locating a small fly tip in a lay bye in Burchetts Green I noticed that the location was littered by numerous empty beer cans. I began clearing them and ended up with two bin bags full of the offending items mostly foreign labelled cans. All were empty so I could not even obtain any refreshment from them. I intend to target another location this month.

Several vehicles appear to have been abandoned in Hurley village car park. I have reported this to the parking department.


Last months speed watches concentrated on the Cookham area and took place following reports from members of the community. The locations were in High Road during the morning rush and Lower Road during the similar evening period. Unfortunately the results were disappointing with regard to offending actions of drivers.

I continued liaising with our partners such as Housing Solutions and the Thames Valley Police community support officers and gleamed some useful information which I hope to put to good use.

I have received several messages of complaints regarding again parking especially outside certain locations and of perceived potential dangerous street locations. With regard to the locations I have met with the complainants and discussed the situations. In relation to the parking matter I have made arrangements with a colleague who is authorised to issue tickets to patrol with him the relevant area and if there are any offending vehicles to issue the relevant paperwork.

Unfortunately for them the various clubs I periodically attend have had to put up with my attention this month. I would like to point out that the lovely ladies at the SMILE club still cheat at indoor bowls. I have managed this month to meet up with some of the vulnerable families in the area and in one particular case they obviously thought I needed feeding as they insisted that I sat down and joined them in their evening meal. I trust I don’t have to declare that?

Last week I attended an Introduction To Universal Safeguarding Children And Young Persons course. As a result I obtained some useful information and contacts.



Mobile library route M. 11/02/16.

Cricketers Public House, L/Green. 09.30 – 10.00.

The Church, Waltham St. Lawrence. 10.15 – 10.35.

The Shurlock Inn, Shurlock Row. 10.45 – 11.05.

Coronation Cottages, B/Green. 11.20 – 11.40.

The Crown Public House, B/Green. 11.45 – 12.15.

Cookham Library. 04/02/16 14.15 – 15.15.


Broadmoor Road, 05/02/16. 11.00 – 12.00.

Waltham St. Lawrence.

Finally you will no doubt be glad to know that this will be the last newsletter that will be penned by me. I will be handing this publication (for a small fee) over to another editor as from the 21st of this month. I would like to thank those who assisted me in my role and those who volunteered to forward these monthly literary extravagances on to the remainder of the community. I have thoroughly enjoyed working the area and hope I have made a contribution to the community in some small way.

Robin Skinner.