Update based on an email from Cllr Maureen Hunt on 24th Feb 2016.

The consultation process remains open until 18th March 2016. To date there have been 40 responses to the survey.

As part of this process nearly 200 postcards have been sent to all businesses paying business rates in the Ward and all households have had a postcard delivered - except Waltham St Lawrence as the postcard was printed in the Lychgate magazine.

We have also contacted for consultation - County, District and Borough Councils adjoining RBWM and all statutory consultees i.e. water board, electricity, gas, police, housing, EA etc.

All parish councils in RBWM and those in other councils adjoining the Hurley and Waltham Ward have been contacted for consultation.

To date we have had 40 comments received – see attached – and one just in from Cookham Parish Council:  Cookham Parish Councillors have read with interest the Hurley and the Walthams Neighbourhood Plan.  Cllr MJ Saunders has asked me, on behalf of the Planning Committee, to convey their acknowledgement of the great efforts that have resulted in the production of a comprehensive and constructive document.  It reflects the tone of other Neighbourhood Plans within RBWM in proposing development locations.   All those concerned with contributing to the Plan should be congratulated.

 NOTE: Cookham have produced a Village Design Statement (VDS) which is very comprehensive.  They are not doing a NP.  However, the VDS holds less weight than a NP.

 Feedback is available here