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WSL Primary School Parking: Residents’ feedback, 10 October 2015




  • There needs to be a broad range of measures to help tackle the problem, no one solution
  • Views from residents were mixed – some regarded it as a real issue, others were relatively unconcerned (e.g. out at work during the day, acceptance of issue as living on ‘School Rd’)
  • Proximity to the school has a bearing on degree of priority
  • General view that vehicle numbers have increased following rise in number of children travelling from outside the school catchment area – therefore not eligible for bus and car sharing more difficult
  • The school has expanded pupil numbers in recent years but not had to submit a corresponding updated travel plan
  • A number of teachers are parking on the road too (even before the building works) – not just a parent issue
  • The problem generally seems to be worse in the afternoon, with parking starting from as early as 2pm – although views are split on this
  • Perception that this is a school issue and not one for residents to solve
  • Many residents highlighted view that the school pick up has to become less of a social event – have parents been actively encouraged to congregate in school playground at pick up time? This exacerbates the situation with cars parked longer than necessary
  • Residents could ease situation by parking on driveways more – but this is not always possible because if they need to leave at a certain time they have to ensure they can exit


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