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Waltham St Lawrence Parish Council Budget  - The 2019 / 20 Precept

Shown here is the budget for next year with the precept increasing by £2,000 to a figure £7,000 higher than 2 years ago, which is intended to cover the previously advised annual additional costs for the maintenance costs for the Open Space.

Last year we budgeted for an additional £5,000 representing £1,500 to cover a fighting fund donation re Ruscombe and 50% of the open space expected annual costs of £3,500. The £1,500 was not called on but it was decided to set this aside in a separate fund to be drawn when called upon.  The Open Space is 6 months behind expectation and therefore the £3,500 was unspent.  Therefore, rather than seek a further £1,500 this year, the full £4,500 requested donation re Ruscombe has been put aside in this year from the underspend so negating the need to raise the funds over the next 2 years. 

Parish Council elections - An opportunity to contribute to our community

With regular references made in the Lych Gate over the last few months, it has hopefully not escaped your attention that a new Parish Council will be formed in May 2019.  There are many organisations that contribute to the upkeep and development of this Parish – for example, the church, the village charities, the school, committees for the village fete and the village show to name but a very few. The Parish Council is one of those organisations.

So what is the Parish Council and what does it do?

An appeal from the Waltham St Lawrence Silver Band

We would like to thank you all very much for the wonderful support shown to the band over the festive period and on various occasions during the year. We hope you all enjoyed our music, after all that’s what we’re about.

We need your help & support again……

As you may or may not be aware, the band has had a really bad time in recent years, both physically and emotionally, resulting in loss of many dear friends and players. Fortunately, we have begun to rebuild and have started to attract a few new members including our new conductor. We are on the up!

We have much to look forward to this year, including our next concert on the 4th May at the Loddon Hall in Twyford, and a visit on the 8th – 11th June to the village by our friends of the Musikverein Friesheim from Germany.

Houston, we have a problem……

Having lost so many people, we cannot find enough beds from within the band to host all of our guests. Many of our lovely hosts from the village also cannot accommodate this time, due to being away on holiday or have moved on etc. etc. So, I am putting out a plea for help.  

Whatever skullduggery might furtively be happening in the tea rooms, bars, meeting rooms and offices within The Palace of Westminster and Portcullis House, we country folk are to have our very own election this year. The Parish Council election will be held in May to continue the valuable good work done by sensible people for the benefit of our lovely parish and community. This edition contains information and guidance that will be of interest to any qualifying resident who might wish to stand for office and join the noble efforts on our behalf.


Royal Wedding On Friday 12 October

Thames Valley Police is as ever proud to be policing the forthcoming Royal Wedding of Her Royal Highness Princess Eugenie of York and Mr Jack Brooksbank on Friday 12 October. The day provides an opportunity for our communities to join in celebration while showcasing Windsor to the world once again.

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