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This aerial photo was taken shortly after our unexpected visitors vacated their illegal settlement early in February, 7 years after the occupation.

The clear up and legal costs will be considerable and it’s expected they will be presented with the sizeable bill.


Parish Clerk vacancy


After 17 years in the post the current Clerk has decided that it is time to pass the baton and, following her retirement, Waltham St Lawrence Parish Council is inviting applicants to apply for the position with effect from 1 April 2017. 


We are a small but active Council and are looking for someone who will enjoy supporting us to achieve our aim of being effective representatives and delivering value to our community.  The Clerk is the Proper Officer of the Council and, working from home, is responsible for preparing agendas, recording minutes and organising the council's day to day administration. The applicant must have good organisational, communication and IT skills. The Clerk is required to attend 12 evening Parish Council meetings per year (normally held on the first or second Tuesday of the month), an Annual Parish Meeting (in April) and such other council meetings as may be decided.  The hours are expected to average 35 hours a month.


The starting salary will be determined according to experience and qualifications. The salary range will be in line with recognised Local Government Scale SCP 17 whilst working towards a qualification  (from April 2017 this is £9.21 per hour) progressing to SCP 20 - 23 depending on experience and qualifications, the top end representing the CiLCA qualification. (From April 2017 this will be between £10.07 and £11.02 per hour). A qualification would be valuable but is not essential and we would encourage and support the successful applicant in training and to work towards a qualification.


For further details contact the Chairman of the Parish Council;

Mike Kay Tel:07769 740207 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Applications in the form of a covering letter and a short CV should be submitted by Friday 10th March 2017 to the Chairman of the Parish Council, preferably by email or by post (see inside back cover of the Lych Gate)


As this is my first newsletter I would like to introduce myself to all readers and give you a brief insight on my commitment to local residents.

My name is Elzbieta Debska-Sarwar and I am 31 years of age. Before working for the borough I worked as an office manager for a scientific company. I wanted a new career that would allow me to work with the community and help provide the best service to residents. Part of my remit is to help protect the more vulnerable members of the community and to achieve this I delivered a scam talk with fellow warden Peter Murkin in Pinder Hall, Cookham. Due to the positive response, more talks are planned and dates locations will be advertised as they become available. If you would like more information on these talks or would like to arrange for a talk to be held. Please contact me.

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from Ela Debska-Sarwar
Community Warden, Community Protection & Enforcement
Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead
Tel - 01628 685636

Smart Meters - not such a smart idea?

I was interested to learn from the January Lych Gate (p8) that smart meters are now being promoted to off mains gas residents in Berkshire.

Interested, but not very pleased. I've heard the 'Gaz and Leccy' ads umpteen times on the radio, and we're promised that we can 'get them under control' with smart meters. Gaz of course isn't a problem in our village at the moment (except by his total absence), but what about Leccy?

Most of us know which things use a lot of electricity - kettles, toasters, and especially fires - and don't need a smart meter to tell us. Saving money is simply a matter of being careful not to use lights and appliances unnecessarily, at the same time avoiding waste through leaving doors and windows open, or boiling too much water. I really don't need to know the minute-by-minute cost, and indeed I'd rather not. I suspect that when the novelty of having a smart meter has worn off, we shall scarcely glance at it.

johnb mugshotA good number of persons in our patch breathed a sigh of relief when a number of persons removed themselves from a site in Shurlock Road. There is still the matter of one family who have temporary permission to remain on the site. As I write this the family is not on site and has not been there for quite some time. It remains to be seen if they will come back. I would have thought they would rather be a part of a community and not be on their own but hey what do I know. Next comes the big clean up. My understanding is the occupants are responsible to restore the land and if they do not RBWM will do so. We shall see.

CharlesMasonDear Parishioners

The two friends were talking about Lent.

"Well of course I always give up marmalade," said one. "That's funny, so do I," replied the other.

Why give up things at all? And if you do, why marmalade?

Maybe the answer to the second question is that Lent follows on so quickly from the Seville orange season that it's a special test of one's self-denial to have to wait six weeks before tucking into that delicious new home-made marmalade!

But is giving things up at all helpful spiritually? Isn't it rather negative? Wouldn't it be better to take things up? What's Lent all about, anyway?

nickkendalAre we being taken over incipiently by forces beyond our control?

Your editor was recently taken aback to receive a message from his cooker telling him that it was cold, poor thing. Worse than that, it sought to embarrass him by cheekily copying the message to all the light bulbs, which flickered their disapproval. While trying to get the cooker to understand that energy conservation, while not in use, was key to the human race’s ability to produce more cookers in the long term in a stable global climate. This awkward situation did not improve when your editor, in trying to prove his point, accessed his electricity smart meter. “Dobryy vecher” said the meter as the horrific realisation dawned that Vladimyr Putin and his cyber team were logged into the house through it. It was at this point that your editor comprehended why the fridge had been secretly demanding replacement of the dwindling Vodka stocks and unilaterally ordered another fake case from an on-line supplier in Vladivostok owned, it transpired, by the Kremlin.

IMG 3227In partnership with Institute of Education of Reading University, we welcomed a group of Chinese Teachers of English to our school during the last week of Term 3 (w/c 6th February) for their school placement.

The purpose of their visit is to learn about the British Education System. In return they also planned some activities for the children as part of the Chinese New Year of Rooster celebrations.

All the children had the opportunity to learn more about the Chinese culture such as making and tasting Chinese dumplings and putting chopsticks into practice, singing Chinese songs, learning traditional folk dance, Yong-ge Wu and doing paper cutting. As part of our topic work on the Shang Dynasty of Ancient China, Year 3, 4 and 5 enjoyed a session from the Chinese Teachers and learned more about this period of China. It was a fun-packed learning week - all the children thoroughly enjoyed their learning about China and they have increased their knowledge and skills in all aspects. 

As part of the English Unit of Work on Performing Poetry, Year 3 and 4 children in Skylarks Class have written their own rap poems. They all worked collaboratively in small groups,  carefully choosing the words that rhyme and create rhythms too.  Read aloud and enjoy! 

After 17 years in the post the current Clerk has decided that it is time to pass the baton and, following her retirement, Waltham St Lawrence Parish Council is inviting applicants to apply for the position with effect from 1 April 2017. 

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