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After 22 years as Secretary to The Waltham St Lawrence and Shurlock Row Preservation Society, Louise Hill of Shurlock Row stepped down at the last Annual General Meeting. 

In February a small group of committee members and members of the society met for a reception and presentation to thank Louise for all her hard work over so many years.  She has been pivotal to the many successes of the Preservation Society over those years and will certainly be a hard act to follow. 

What a great treat those of us who came had in April when Jim Bye demonstrated his culinary skills making a smoked salmon mousse.  We later ate it all to our great enjoyment.

This month, on the 3rd May, we are looking forward to a talk by crime writer Angela Buckley on 'The Real Sherlock Holmes'.  Meet in the Neville Hall at 2.30 as usual. On 7th June we are having a tea out in the, hopeful, summer sun.

On 5th July we will be going on a boat trip from Caversham Bridge upstream to Beale Park.  A bus will take us to the start and collect us from the finish. Timings later but please sign up for this trip so that we have the right size bus.

As always, visitors are welcome at any of our meetings.

Rosemary Titford for the Committee. Tel: 0118 934 3313

VaughanVictoriaLast year Vaughan joined a trip through Egypt, Israel and Jordan, to meet with refugees fleeing Syria and Iraq. This May both of us will undertake a similar trip to Lebanon culminating in an ‘Ultra Walk’ of 63km, setting off at 11pm walking through the night and finishing around 12-13 hours later midday the next day. 

In total there are around 30 of us participating. While most parts of Lebanon are relatively safe, people forget that it borders Syria and it’s estimated that 1 in 4 people in Lebanon is a refugee. An estimated 1million Syrian refugees have fled there, not counting refugees from Iraq. Almost half of these refugees are children, ripped away from home, school, friends and sometimes family.

(Picture - Vaughan and Victoria on a practise night-walk)

For those who don't know us, the Philp family have been at Church Farm since 1944 when Arthur moved his family and business from Heathrow to make way for the airport. 

In that time farming and the countryside has changed massively, but we are still farming in Waltham St Lawrence.  As well as the 500 acres at Church Farm we also farm nearby surrounding areas, which is why you will see our tractors on the move in the village along with other agricultural vehicles belonging to neighbouring farms. [continued...]

johnb mugshotSpring seems to have arrived. Everything growing on nicely. We now need some rain. I am told that rainfall is some 30% lower than normal for this time of year. Drought we do not need. I will swear on a stack of bibles I have not run the hose more than is necessary.


The children in Year 1 & 2 had been learning about spring for the last term. They spent a lot of time outdoors, discussing what changes they had noticed as the weather changed from winter to spring. In their English lessons, the children had been looking at the poem 'Spring Greens' by Shirley Hughes.  They talked about what they liked or disliked about the poem and decided that they would want to use adjectives to add more description. They then used the Shirley Hughes poem and all the pictures, drawings and notes they had collected to write their own poems of what they thought spring time represented to them. Here are some of their Spring Poems for you to enjoy…

nickkendalDespite the debates about global warming and its possible causes this, thus far, cool spring brings to mind the eons-old adage ‘ne'er cast a clout till May be out’. In modern parlance this suggests you shouldn’t put your winter clothes away until June. So, as the French say, ‘plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose’; the more things change the more they stay the same. The meaning of this idiom is that turbulent changes do not affect reality on a deeper level other than to cement the status quo. The sun will still rise.

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