Language and Culture Week

We had a truly fabulous Language and Culture Week (6th -9th June 2017) at our recently judged 'Outstanding' School. Throughout the dedicated Language and Culture Week, all children had the opportunity to learn about different languages and celebrate the diversity and cultures represented in our village school. The children participated in an array of interactive activities which provided a taste of different languages and cultures including: French, Italian, Flemish, Spanish, Greek, Maori, Vietnamese, Indian and Chinese.

One of the most exciting aspects of our week was enjoyed on Thursday 8th June, when we welcomed the highly talented and colourful, Yangzhou Art Troupe from China. They put on a spectacular show and performance for the whole school, parents, community and our distinguished guests, The Mayor and Mayoress of Maidenhead and representatives from UK Association for the Promotion of Chinese Education and the Local Authority - The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.  The children were mesmerised as the large contingent danced, dressed in dazzling costumes, sang and conducted a fashion show of traditional Chinese costume, Qípáo.  The use of traditional accessories, for example, umbrellas and fans only added to the dramatic and vivid display.

A feature of our curriculum is Mandarin speaking; we had the opportunity of showing the skills of our Year 6 children, who sang with confidence and feeling in Mandarin; they also joined the Chinese delegation and gave an impressive performance in poetry speaking. This lively afternoon finished off with speeches from both the Chinese and the local community, who very much valued the opportunity of sharing and celebrating the common and different aspects of the respective cultures.  The Chinese were incredibly generous in the gifts they presented to both the School, the guests and to the children: these included an enormous Chinese Knot symbolising Luck, Harmony and Happiness, exquisite lacquerware from Yangzhou, Chinese fans, mini Chinese knot tassels and beautifully presented tea from various districts in China.  In exchange, the school presented the delegation with some local memorabilia, which was much appreciated.

The whole week culminated with a 'Show and Tell' Sharing Assembly on Friday to which parents were invited. Each class had the chance to show what they had learnt over the week. We enjoyed hearing children greetings, counting in Greek, Vietnamese and other languages and singing an African song.  EYFS children dressed up in the traditional dress of their chosen country. All the children showed great enthusiasm throughout all these events.

We are grateful to our Chinese Delegation from Yangzhou, guests, parents and staff who made this special Language and Culture event such a success. Here are some photos for you to enjoy.