...from John the Ticket

The Royal Borough owns some 13 acres on the Shurlock Road opposite what was (is) the travellers’ site. The council in its wisdom has offered it to the Parish Council at a peppercorn rent to be a Public Open Space. Cost of setting up would be covered by funds available from previous planning applications (S106 payments). If taken up there would be some ongoing costs to be paid for by the Parish Precept. i.e. what you pay in rates. Please bear in mind that as Parishes go we have one of the lowest precepts per house in the Borough. Now the PC is going to consult with you lot. Consultation meeting the afternoon of 7th October 20177.They will call for "votes" in favour or against on the afternoon of 21st October 2017 or the evening of 24th October 2017. Details to follow. Watch this space. Now a number of people have expressed some confusing thoughts as to whether this is a good idea or not. Now I consider this to be one of the most important things for this Parish to consider so please all of you please attend the consultation and the "vote".

Will our leader survive this Brexit business? I think the vote to leave is a cliff edge for the UK. The last election did not work out the way the government thought it would. Poor Theresa. That Jeremy Corbyn seems to have tidied himself up. I wonder if there will be another election before it is all over. I cannot see what are currently our friends in Europe letting us off with a good deal.

My garden was suffering big time from the lack of rain. The downfall on 11th July came just at the right time. However the subsequent storms beat down lots of stuff in the veg patch. The rainfall, some 1.4 inches in a couple of hours, was welcome it would have been better to be spread over a good few more hours. As I write this (pm 21 July) it is raining again. Please stop and let us have some sunshine back again.

On 23rd June I had a lovely river cruise along the Thames from Henley. It was on the M/V The New Orleans. Some 60 people on board with a 3 piece band supper and a bar. A beautiful evening so it was. I then heard on Radio Berkshire the boat described as a paddle steamer. Beautiful as it is, it is diesel powered and the paddle only revolves when the vessel is moving. If you have the chance to go on this boat it is highly recommended (by me).

One or two people out there know that in the past I have had a severe reaction to a bee sting (anaphylactic shock). Well I got another sting on 17th July. Not the full Monty I am pleased to say but boy did I panic. Any way my neighbour came to help and the NHS were just brilliant. First responders two lovely girls. Ambulance a little later also two more lovely girls. Carted off to Royal Berks for observation and a few test and then allowed to go home.

I cannot speak more highly of the service I received from the NHS. Wonder if I should send a copy to the Royal Berks.

Sadly Simon Shaw is to hold the last breakfast (under his control) in the Neville Hall this August 20th, please turn up to say goodbye. The lovely Isabelle will be chief coordinator from now on.

Remember as always my views ARE MY OWN and not necessarily those of the Parish Council or anyone else.                   

John Birkett