The electrification of The Great Western seems to be going on forever. I heard on the news that the Japanese built trains are the most expensive ever. It seems a shame that as the country that invented railway systems seem unable to modernise in a sensible time scale. I trust that if HS2 (London to Birmingham) goes ahead it is much better planned. That famous railway builder Isambard Kingdom Brunel must be turning in his grave.

I was asked a while ago if I would help out at the village school to run an after school hours garden club. Oh boy, started with seven in first week, up to eight second week and the third week now nine. The children are delightful but are not perfect in taking instruction. Never mind, as I recall being much the same myself. One hour a week during term time. It's kind of sad that this is a bad time of your for planting. We concentrate on trying to clear weeds so we can plant for real in the spring. I think I may need some help with clearing some stuff so I will talk to some friends to see if we can get some stuff done and some finance to do it.

Now I have a couple of moans. In the past we had dog poo problems in the burial ground in Halls Lane so I put up a no dogs sign, which someone has removed. I wonder who? It will be replaced. The other niggle is a little red car being parked in front of the gate giving access to the Milley Road playing field. I will be putting up a no parking sign so please do not park there. I do believe it is wrong to park any vehicle if front of gates. The reason for a gate is that someone needs access. Just try parking in front of the gates of Buck House.

Our Borough Council is reassessing the number of ward councillors that we should have across the borough. Currently the borough is served by 57 councillors with our ward served by three. The proposal is to reduce the total to 43. So our ward will be reduced to two with effect from May 2019 following the council elections. Sneaky way to save money. I suspect that as there will only be two vacancies come May ‘19 there will not be any talk of redundancy. Politics must be most insecure profession to follow.

So, Halloween and Bonfire night now been and gone. My neighbours had a bonfire and fireworks party on the 4th November. The fireworks were incredible, ran for almost 20 minutes, lots of food and stuff to drink. Must confess yours truly had one glass of wine too many.

Well the results of the PC seeking opinions as to whether we should go ahead with the public open space are now in. Vast majority of those that gave an opinion are in favour. Some 100 for and 16 against. It must be assumed that the other 800+ had no view one way or the other. It is now a matter for the PC to enter discussions with RBWM. As the saying goes, watch this space.

Tomorrow (18th November) is our fund raising effort to raise some funds for the Neville Hall Charitable Trust. The Call my Bluff wine tasting evening. I am pleased to say of 60 tickets 59 have been sold. Should be good fun. A BIT EARLY but Christmas greetings to all our readers.     

Remember as always my views ARE MY OWN and not necessarily those of the Parish Council or anyone else.     

John Birkett