Oil Boiler Central Heating Crisis

On a very cold 26 November our central heating radiators started gurgling such that soon afterwards our oil boiler expired with the central heating water leaking onto the garage floor from the heat exchanger. The header tank valve had seized and air had entered the pipes causing an overheating of the boiler. A £20 ball valve failure cost us over £6,500 of damage!  (moral - do check your central heating header tank from time to time, as the symptoms can be silent until it’s too late).

What happened next was beyond impressive. We looked in The Lych Gate and called in Heat Plant Services to find and fix the water supply problem at 9.00am on Monday 27 November. They arrived at noon, but too late to save the boiler which finally failed on the 29th, when it cooled and the split let the leak loose again.

We are lucky to be well served by three boiler service and installation advertisers in the parish magazine, all good at what they do and we requested immediate quotations. Of course this is the time of maximum boiler failures, due to cold weather demands. All were stacked full of work and with Christmas just around the corner, with us expecting 6 grandsons and their parents to stay with us - it was panic stations!

At this point, Heat Plant Services made an acceptable new boiler and installation offer. They then re-arranged the decks of their routine service work, dropped everything and in the space of five working days procured a new boiler, flue and chimney liner, installed the new liner (in a 30ft chimney) and the boiler and commissioned it. Naturally, we were relieved that such rapid action had saved our Christmas comfort, but equally we were delighted with the pleasant, confident, skilled and practical support provided by Craig Berry and his little team.

It was refreshing in this day and age to find such service to hand and a useful demonstration of the effectiveness of advertising in The Lych Gate. We felt this worth sharing.   

Nick and Vicki Kendal