More Parish Notes from John the Ticket

You know over the years as a Parish Councillor I have met so many people. Some on a fairly regular basis and many usually associated with planning applications or guests at the various fund raising events I have been involved in. Now I am not as young as I was and my memory for names has never been very good. (Who am I?) Some days ago I made the classic mistake of thinking a lovely family who knew me by name and I thought they were another family. My apologies. Please remember when you do call me by name and I look it bit blank remind me, the village idiot, who you are (and who I am). 

Talking of planning I notice my friends and others in Shurlock Row turned up mob handed in relation to two planning applications. Bellman Hanger and Shurlock Row Garage. I get the feeling that if the PC came to a decision contrary to the residents' views, public hanging could be reintroduced. As has happened and extensive objections were made to the RBWM. It is good to see that folk are still very much interested in what goes on in our Parish.

One of the hates I am developing is for Ivy. Not the pretty girls who go by that name but that wretched plant that climbs up trees. I seem to have more than my share growing up in hedges and walls. I also notice that when I walk to the pub Milley Road has the darned stuff growing through hedges on both sides of the road. How do you kill the stuff? I have glyphosate but you need to be careful that when you spray it does not go on plants you wish to keep. Back to secateurs and where possible dig out the roots.

The School garden is looking so much better now that the pathways have been cleared; a fresh membrane and wood chippings have been laid. That is the bit of land to the front left of the school when viewed from the road. It is a bit of a difficult time of year for the children as there is not much that can be planted. The main task which I think the children find boring is weeding and getting roots out of the beds. It is an enjoyable task but sometimes frustrating to look after ten children.  Roll on spring.

The Donald has solved the problem of whether we want him to come for a visit. He decided not to come. I do believe there is to be a Royal Wedding in the near future. Is there perhaps a dilemma here as to who should be invited. Would you want the man to attend a family wedding of yours? Some of his comments seem to have upset a few neighbouring countries as well as the entire continent of Africa. Wonder what comes next!

On a lighter note, a big tree came down in the recent strong winds on The Street, Waltham St Lawrence. The RBWM arranged to clear it away but when arrived on site there was already someone clearing the tree. Subsequently RBWM wanted to know had we the PC arranged this as apparently the PC was mentioned. As this happened at 6am we were all at home asleep. As the saying goes "not me guv".

Remember as always my views ARE MY OWN and not necessarily those of the Parish Council or anyone else.            

John Birkett