All that can be said at the start of this month is that a proposal to make The Street in Waltham St Lawrence one-way in the direction of Milley Road, with a widened Halls Lane one-way in the direction of White Waltham is quite ridiculous. While the idea of reducing the rat-run, especially from the proposed 3,500 new houses beyond Milley Bridge, makes sense, this is just not the right solution. Apparently, road traffic design engineers define this layout as a filar loop. What a mix-up.

Social media can be a thing of wonder. Instant news of stuff that happens in the parish and the wider world, being in touch with distant family and friends and their interests, travels and news in a way that wouldn’t have happened a decade ago or more ago. However, with Facebook, WhatsApp and similar and with constant email exchanges it seems strange to us older folk that the telephone barely rings at home any more and when it does it’s often an unknown villain in a distant land attempting to steal your money by stealth.  Gone are the days when a friend or a sibling would telephone for a long chat about many things and nothing. Your editor, long mostly retired, found himself at a meeting in a boardroom by a large open plan office quite recently. When walking through the open plan with 35 to 50 workers sat in their shoulder-high partitioned cubicles, his expectation was one of a hubbub of conversations, ringing telephones and occasional warm laughter. What he actually encountered was a profound almost stunning silence, broken only by the faint tapping sound of computer keyboard keys strokes and the occasional suppressed cough. It’s the modern way, but it felt utterly soulless. Long live the art and the warmth of human conversation and no typed record of what has been said, stored in a cloud for perpetuity.

Ah, got to pause now - FaceTime is bleeping. Thank goodness, at least, for that.  

Your editor trusts that all our readers have had an enjoyable Easter weekend.  While. as ever, spoiled with all things chocolate by his good lady and children, he is still pondering the delicious looking novelty surprise included Easter egg kindly sent to him from an anonymous source. It’s a brand he’s not come across before, NoviChoc, but is impressively air-tight packaged for freshness with a splendid logo of Salisbury Cathedral and instructions to be opened only by your editor personally. He’ll hopefully let you know what it tasted like in next month’s edition. In the meantime many thanks go to the unknown sender, who clearly reads The Lych Gate, presumably with unbounded approval.