Choir Singing for Local Community

On Wednesday 14th March, our School Choir entertained 3G in the Neville Hall. They sang and acted beautifully and our audience were very pleased with the singing of One Little Voice and Harmony Blues. The children received a lot of praises from everyone there. They have made us so proud – WELL DONE to our School Choir and thank you to Mrs Wiseman for her wonderful teaching and coaching.

Stories on Values

In 2016 the Human Values Foundation issued a global invitation to schools and other organisations involved with the education of children aged from 7 to 11 to take part in a story writing competition.  Children were encouraged to write an original and creative story about their favourite value using no more than 350 words. To mark World Values Day 19th October 2017, our Year 6 children once again took part in Values Story Writing Competiton 2017. We submitted our entries in October last year and were delighted to be informed recently of the  best entrants from our School, ‘The Nest’ about CARING written by Eleanor  and ‘The Hurricane’ about IMAGINATION by Isabella. Their stories were selected for their imagination, creativity and inspirition and pictures, which  are now  in the published Values Story Booklet. Many congratulations! We hope you will enjoy the stories. 


The Nest

By Eleanor - aged 10

David and George looked out of the window hoping the tree had fallen down. They drew back the curtains but unexpectedly saw a little bird’s nest on the grass. They ran outside to see what was in it. When they got outside, David and George saw that there were some cracked eggs in the nest, but as they searched through, they found one last, surviving egg, right at the bottom. As it was spring and that was the time of year when chicks are born, they wanted to hatch it. So they took the little egg inside.

They made a nest out of their old socks and they put it on top of their cupboard, away from their naughty dog Buster. Later that day, they bought up a torch in case the chick hatched at night and a dream catcher to keep away nightmares. They both couldn’t get to sleep but when the light went out, they fell straight to sleep.

In the middle of the night, David and George woke up to the noise of three birds tapping on the window; a little chick on one side and a mum and dad sparrow on the other. The chick had hatched and had been calling for its mum and dad. They heard him and came straight away.

So… David and George let the mum and dad sparrow in because the chick couldn’t yet fly. Mum and dad fed and looked after the chick until it could fly. When it was about to leave, David and George put the little sock nest in the fallen-down tree where they found the egg. When they let the birds outside, they made straight for the nest in the fallen-down tree and settled into their new family home!

The Hurricane

By Isabella - aged 10

David and George woke up with a start; they listened to the raindrops hammering down like bullets and the stormy winds howling around them, pulling stray tree trunks and pieces of debris into the swirling hurricane.

“Sorry boys, no hot breakfast today. The power’s out”, said their Mum. David looked around the room for their pet cat, Hannibal, but couldn’t see him anywhere. He ventured into the hall and saw a trail of water leading to the kitchen. He followed the trail and found a sopping wet cat standing in the doorway, surrounded by a puddle of water.

By the time they had got Hannibal dry and warm by the fire, the howling winds had slowed and the rain had stopped, leaving their town littered with trees. The boys went outside and gasped.

“The elm tree has fallen!” David cried.

“And it’s in our yard so it won’t be cut down,” George answered.

First, they played time machine and travelled to the reign of George Washington and the rise of William Shakespeare. They imagined that the tree was a rollercoaster and shouted with joy as they sped up and down breathtakingly steep hills and did loop the loops through dark, claustrophobic spaces. They also travelled to outer space and pointed out famous constellations as they floated in zero gravity and circled round the earth at ridiculous speeds.

The next day the boys woke up to a nice morning wash by Hannibal and the deafening sound of bulldozers in their garden. They rushed outside, assuming that the bulldozer had come to cut down the tree. However, when they pushed open the door and barged into the garden they saw an exquisite climbing frame being built in the garden.

“Hooray,” they both cheered.