It is so hard to believe that Donald Trump's answer to shootings in schools is to give teachers permission to have concealed weapons. Imagine the resulting gun shoot out, one bad guy down, God knows how many children or teachers killed or injured. Much as I have enjoyed my visits to the USA of A I cannot understand their love of weapons.

On the same subject (Mr Trump) there seems to be a possible trade war coming up. I have noticed that stock exchanges are having a bit of a problem in that they are falling. Pity as some of my savings is on stocks and shares. Hopefully as in the past the exchanges will recover. PLEASE. Still on the same. Want a short term career? Talk to Donald for a senior job, and see how long you last.

Those nice weather people at the weather centre told us that there is a Beast in the East coming our way. Snow and freezing temperatures coming our way and sure enough it did. Did not take the car out for a few days, AND then a mini follow up. Good job I have a supply of food (and booze) in the house. It must have affected two of our most important local businesses in the Parish (The Bell and The Shurlock Inn). Hope you all survived.

The Brexit mess goes on and on. My personal opinion is that we will live to regret leaving (if we eventually do). We have more in common with Europe, other than language, so I think it is mistake to separate ourselves from Europe, especially as my sister lives in France. From what I hear on Radio 4 the talks so far have all been about the transitional arrangements from membership to departure and not about how we will trade thereafter. First year of discussions only about transition not what we will end up with. Glad I am not a politician.

The world of sport, not that I am a great follower of all athletic, but I see that London Irish rugby team who I have been to see a couple of times at the Mad Stad are not doing too well.   Similarly I see Reading football team are having one or two problems. Shame as both our local teams and I would hate to see our Reading area teams move out of premier games. 

Gardening. The School gardening club, an after school activity I got involved with, is doing OK and I now have an assistant who is brilliant with children. An example, planting daffodil bulbs by the children. Please plant the bulbs with the green tips above the soil. Some planted correctly, some buried, some the bottom the bulb just in contact with the soil. They seem to be surviving. The soil at the school is very heavy. If any of you have some sand doing nothing please get in touch so we can add your spare sand to the soil and hopefully improve the texture. I must confess my patch has been neglected and I am trying to bring it up to date so I can get my veg patch going before Easter.  At this point I hope you all had lots of Easter Eggs.

Remember as always my views ARE MY OWN and not necessarily those of the Parish Council or anyone else.             

John Birkett