More Parish notes...

Well people next year is Elections year for the Parish Council. Anyone who is interested in becoming a Parish Councillor look out for the date in May next year. If you are interested in what the Parish Council does (or not does) apply to have your name on the list of candidates. A small number of people have expressed their dissatisfaction of the PC’s performance. Perhaps they may wish to stand and then do it better.

A recent e/mail exchange

Received by me.     I hope you can help me. I recently read in the Lych Gate about a proposal to create a one way system on The Street and Halls Lane. Does the Parish Council have any further information about the plans?

Reply. Basically the PC has no knowledge of this at all.

From what I read it also includes one way along Milley Road.

I know our esteemed editor of the Lych Gate has quite a sense of humour.

I do believe that the article in question was in Aprils’ edition which was delivered in time for April 1st. 

Does April 1st ring any bells with anyone.

Regards John

Comment received from a third party. Long live the filar loop and all anagram fans


I am pleased to say that the originator did see the funny side but remember for next year!!.

It would be interesting to know whose missile attacks in Syria were successful. Our cousins across the pond and our friends in France also had a go. How many of our respective missiles hit their chosen targets. Percentages would be interesting.

As I write this, Friday evening 20th April we have had two fabulous days of weather. I got seeds planted in greenhouse and outdoors. Spent time with a good friend potting on seedlings at the village school in the children’s garden.  Hopefully next week we will be able to plant stuff out in the beds. A good friend of mine has donated a couple of bags of sand and along with a bag I had in a shed these are now in the school children’s garden. Next week I will have mamas little darlings digging it in to the dreadful clay like soil.

So a Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan is to take place in Windsor on Saturday, May 19.  If you are an ardent Royalist and love to see weddings go see it all take place. If you are not so keen stay away from Windsor I suspect the place will be packed to the hilt. I wish them well and hope for a long and happy marriage.

I have in my possession a hardback book of the history of what was BEA (British European Airways for those of moderate years). They missed out on three things. The day a joined 31st July 1962 and 4th January 1964 when I started my apprenticeship and March 1999 when I left.

Remember as always my views ARE MY OWN and not necessarily those of the Parish Council or anyone else.            

John Birkett