It’s time to do some rain dancing to revive our dessicated gardens, but it seems we might need to brace ourselves for another three summers of scorching heatwaves. Researchers at the University of Brest in France announced their new ‘Procast’ technique for long range forecasting and its prediction based on research completed before this year’s widespread summer heatwaves. If this ‘Probabilistic Forecast’ method proves to be correct, you have been warmed and If the projected four year ‘warm anomaly’ is accompanied by low rainfall, then like 1976 followed 1975, we could be in for hosepipe bans and other water restrictions while we bake from next summer..

Even less cheerful is the prospect of shrinking clay leading to subsidence of houses that stand on vulnerable soils in the coming months, so keeping sufficient home insurance in place is important and looking out for new or increased cracks in walls will be necessary

Your magazine editor, long retired, was pleased that he didn’t have to commute in crowded trains and sweltering underground carriages. All he could do on some days was find a place in the afternoon shadows, if lucky with a little breeze, and read a good book thinking that he shouldn’t complain about the glorious Mediterranean climate while sympathising quietly with those who did have to travel daily to London for their work. The only thing missing was a sea shore.

With autumn beckoning (and a mere four months to Christmas), the parish resumes its activities. Next up is The Village Show on 9 September, with fun running and a harvest hoedown to follow. These sweet village events should provide a useful distraction from the return of the politicians from their holidays, for whom probably torrid party conferences and the great Brexit crunch point loom. It looks like the October to March period will see political dramas that will determine Great Britain’s fortunes and direction of travel for the coming generations. Whatever those might be, we are privileged to live in this fine land and our long history suggests that we shall make the best of what conditions we find surrounding our lives.

All of this reminds us of how fortunate we are to live in this lovely rural domain where the sun will still rise, the flowers will still open, there will be ales in the pub and country footpaths to roam. With any luck there will also still be medecins available, all year round fresh vegetables to buy, French, Italian and Spanish wines and cheeses to enjoy and French and German motor cars to drive despite the shrill threats that we’ll be hearing in the months ahead.