Well It was so very sad to see on the news of the collapse of part of the bridge in Genoa, Italy. From what I have seen some 30 odd vehicles fell with the section of bridge and some thirty nine or more people killed. You have to ask were any bridges built in the UK comparable. I trust not. I hope it is safe to assume UK government doing some rapid checks on our bridges. My heart goes out to the relatives and friends who have lost loved ones.

Summer seems to be over after the hot days of June and July. The grass has not needed cutting for over two months. Now is the time for all of us to get out the now rusted lawn mowers 'cos in a week or so we will need to cut the grass. The summer has devastated vegetable growth. Beans grew tough, peas a failure, cauliflower an absolute mess, shallots small, as were onions. Good bit was root vegetables spuds, carrots, beetroots. Green house crops OK as have been well watered. Melons, Tomatoes, Peppers and Aubergines.

The most competitive people in the world seem to be involved in one sport or another. It is regrettable that some get involved in fights. Just recently there have been two cases involving well known sports people one a cricketer and the other a rugby player. In both of the sports players are supposed to act as gentlemen (perhaps not quite so for rugby players on the pitch).

Before I moved to our quiet little back water, I lived in the suburbs, Ruislip area, where I went to school. Now in the late 80s the number of pupils dropped in the school that I went to. So the Borough Council in its wisdom closed the school down. And then a few years later it was demolished and a housing estate was built on the land. And then the population grew in the borough. And then there were not enough school places for the increase in child population. And then the borough had to extend the few schools that they had left.

Moral of my story is they should have mothballed or found another use (for a limited period) for the school. And then the children living near my old school would not have to travel miles to an extended school. Maybe even save some money. RBWM take note.

It is sad to see so many shops closing in high streets around the country. They seem to be going the same way as village shops. I suppose this is a result of "on line" shopping and banking. Although I believe village shops closed as a result of competition from major grocery chains. Last time I was in Maidenhead it came as a surprise to see so many coffee shops, same in Woodley and Twyford. What next?

Don't forget elections for Parish Council and Borough Council. 2nd May 2019. Fancy having a go, get your name in the hat.

Remember as always my views ARE MY OWN and not necessarily those of the Parish Council or anyone else     

John Birkett