Year 4 and 5 pupils learned about the key features of adventure stories in their English lessons.

Here are the selected Adventure Stories they wrote. We hope you will enjoy reading them.

The Crash: Jon was looking forward to arriving at the island! He had got a new helicopter and was a very good pilot. He had decided to use it to go on holiday. His destination was a tropical island in the Caribbean.       

“BANG” went the helicopter. “What was that?” cried Jon.

A moment passed and Jon examined the unsteady chopper.

“Oh no, it looks like something in the bonnet has gone!”  “SMASH” “Whatever it was, it has hit the blades!” panicked Jon.

At this point the alarms were screaming and shouting. The chopper was plummeting to the ground like a led balloon. Scared and nervous, anxious and terrified, he pulled the ejector seat.

By the time he had landed, the chopper had crashed and gone out of sight. He looked around him and saw thick jungle for miles north, east, south and west! How was he ever going to get out! Luckily he had been over land when he had crashed. Jon examined the tree next to him, the scratch marks on it were giant! “These marks must belong to one big cat” said Jon nervously.

Jon used his phone to contact a rescue team, they said they would pick him up on the West Beach, but it would be a long hike through some very dangerous forests. After a lot of thinking, he plucked up the courage to try to get to the beach. He started his journey to the beach!

One hour later

Jon could see something up ahead. He edged closer AND SAW …

A sort of house slash shack! Cautiously he edged closer. Jon creaked the door open. Clouds of dust flew in to the air. “Uch uch,” Jon coughed. He put his hand in front of him to guide him through the dim sun lit room.

“CRASH!” he could hear foot steps behind him! Jon looked round to his surprise he SAW A …   


He slammed the door behind him and blocked it with a chair!

“Scratch!” It was now trying to rip down the door. “I have to reach the West Beach by night fall!” cried Jon worriedly.


The scratching had stopped. Carefully, he opened the door. It was gone! After quite a hike he reached the West Beach!

The rescue team hadn’t arrived yet, but the TIGER HAD! It ran straight at him! “Chop chop!” the rescue team was there! They started firing the gun over the tiger’s head. They put down the ladder and Jon climbed up. Once he was in they were off.

I can tell you Jon did get to his island destination but when he got there, he had a great story to tell.

By Callum P, Year 5

Lost In the Jungle!

Lola cares for all living things and is extremely considerate to everybody she meets. She is as caring and as friendly as you could possibly imagine. Lola is also very pretty and glamorous. She is absolutely gorgeous.  

Tyler is lovely but loses her temper quite quickly, and when she does, she can get a little bit aggressive. If you don’t know her too well, she can come across as a tad bit annoying sometimes. Once you get to know her though, she really is a treat. She is also very adventurous.

Jessica always looks like she knew what she’s doing, and looks super confident, but she is actually very clumsy. Whenever she gets a chance to knock something over, or spill something, she will.

“I’m bored.” The girls exclaimed.  “Now that school has finished, we have nothing to do!” Lola commented. They sat on Tyler’s bed for a while, wondering what could conquer their misery. Then they had a brilliant idea! The girls decided they were to go on holiday. But where shall we go?

“Let’s go on an adventure holiday in the jungle,” declared Tyler.

“Ok,” answered the girls.

So they did. They decided to pack lightly. But Lola wasn’t too keen on the whole not too many things, idea. So she did pack lightly. She managed to fit everything into only five bags. I know it sounds like a lot, but for Lola five bags is absolutely nothing!

“New record!” she bragged “I’ve still got eight, empty suitcases at home with nothing in them.

“You do realise we are only going for two nights?” questioned Jessica.

“Yep,” spoke Lola. “Why would I only have five suitcases?” as she pulled them along, Jessica tripped over them.

They clambered into the car. Tyler listened to music, meanwhile Lola and Jessica watched a film on their phone.


Before very long, they arrived in the jungle. They scrambled out of the rusty, old minivan. They went to their reserved hotel, but they said that they had taken too long to get there and they had given it to somebody else.

Luckily they had a back-up plan. They had found another hotel to stay in.

“That was close. We had almost driven all the way here for nothing. But we had a back-up plan which is good,” explained Jessica.

Finally, they arrived at the second hotel. It looked rather old and rusty on the outside, just like the old minivan. It had rotting planks off wood that were just falling off!

“This is not the picture I was promised on their website,” announced Lola in despair.

“The picture had shining windows, and comfy, squishy beds, and mostly, planks that didn’t just fall straight off!” Lola began to stamp her feet and all of the planks just fell straight off. Eventually, they decided to go in anyway.

Bending down, being careful not to bump their heads, they stumbled through the deserted shack. Lola showed the girls the picture of the hotel on the website, and she was right the hotel was beautiful. They had no idea how it had turned from beautiful to broken. They stood glaring at the screen for a while and that’s when Tyler noticed it.

“Look! This is their old website, that is why it looks so awful now!” mentioned Tyler. “How could we have been so stupid not to notice such a big thing like that!” announced Jessica.

They wondered around the ancient shack for a while. Suddenly, they saw a white blur falling from the sky. Tyler delicately picked up the piece of crumpled paper and put it in her firm hands. She read aloud “Find the three keys and you shall be transported back home before you know it.”

“If we split up, we shall find them faster,” spoke Lola.

“What a marvellous idea!” cried Jessica.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Go, go, go!” screamed Tyler.

They began to sprint around the house, not knowing where they were going. Tyler was very pleased to be having a hunt on their adventure holiday.

They came back together after a while and none of them had found any of the keys.

They had checked the whole hotel and had found nothing! You could tell by the sad expressions on their faces that they weren’t too happy about this.

“We shall not give up!” exclaimed Tyler, “We will carry on looking until we find all three keys!” so they did.

“I’ve found one!” announced Jessica. They followed the sound off her voice and saw the glowing key. “Yes!” they all cried in excitement.

They kept examining the hotel. The girls could still not find any. But they did not give up. They would not be beaten, so they carried on.

“I’ve found one” cried Lola “So have I!” exclaimed Tyler. They were all exuberant with giggles and before they knew it they were back on Tyler’s comfortable bed.

What a surprise it was, and just at the right moment when Tyler’s mum was calling them down for supper.

“Best day ever!” screamed Tyler at the top of her lungs.

They all went off in fits of laughter.

By Abbie, Year 4

Time for an Adventure

“I feel sick!” cried Sophie.

“Where are we?” murmured James.

“I don’t like it here!” Sam screamed.

Where were they? What were they doing here? Will they ever get back? Who might they meet? Why is it happening?

Suddenly Sophie, the eldest came up with an idea “Let’s build a hut.”

“What, are you out of your mind, we don’t know how to!” laughed James.

“No I am not!!!!!!!!” screamed Sophie.

Sam suddenly joined in “It’s a great idea!” “Oh be quiet!”  

“NO!” shouted Sam.

After this row that went on for more than an hour!!! Finally finished and they agreed to build a hut. 

“I know where we are, we are in…the Rain Forest!”  

“YYYYYAAAAY! I’ve always wanted to go to the Rain Forest”, declared Sam who was obviously the youngest.

“Look I know where we can start our hut building!” Sophie said excitedly.

Right in front of them was a massive pile of scrap, carefully she lifted the metal with her first finger and her thumb and said, “ Are you two going to help me or not?”

They all got to work and with all the things they could find, which were:

  • a block of wood as a hammer (which had some lice and beetles on),
  • a stick shaped like pliers and
  • a pointy stick as a screwdriver.

After 10 hours they had finally finished it and their hard work actually paid off on their little hut.

To Be Continued!

By Amelia R, Year 4