Wargrave Surgery GP appointments and medicine deliveries to the Neville Hall

Wargrave Surgery have made some changes to the deliveries to Waltham St Lawrence to avoid is a GP coming out to Neville Hall if there are no patients wanting to be seen. 
This allows them more time to do the home visits and attend to their commitments at Wargrave.

Medicines :
Medicine will be delivered to the Hall every Tuesday only.

If there are no patients needing to see a GP, the medicines will be brought out by one of our staff so that Waltham residents can collect them.  This will be at 12.00 as usual.

GP appointments :
Patients needing to see a doctor should telephone Wargrave surgery on the morning they wish to attend so that the GP can bring their medical history.  This has not changed.

‘Flu Clinics 2018
The surgery staff will be coming to Neville Hall to do ‘flu clinics for our local patients on:-

Friday 12th October at 2pm
Wednesday 7th November at 2pm