Reminder. Don't forget elections for Parish Council and Borough Council. 2nd May 2019. I would like to see that there are more than seven names in the hat as that would ensure that there is an election. That way there can be no complaining about what the Parish Council does or does not do as you the electorate would have chosen them. 

Sadly a week or so past that blasted Heron got its self caught in the net over my pond. The net was to keep out the Heron. I spent quite a bit of time calling various animal rescue organisations only to be told "outside our area" or "we do not deal with wild birds". Last resort was RSPCA and to my relief they would get someone out to rescue the bird. A very nice couple from a Swan rescue team in the Thames area came out. Bird rescued and taken away to be kept for a couple of days before releasing. I do hope it all went well.

Another old bone of contention. I instigated restrictions on dogs in the burial ground following incidents of dog fouling. A ‘no dogs’ sign was put up only to be removed some time later by person(s) unknown. The sign was replaced only to be recently removed once again. The Parish Council spends some sum of money to maintain the grounds and we do not need additional expense replacing signs. The act of removing our signs is criminal damage and if the PC has proof of the culprit we will prosecute. Please if anyone sees and will confirm that they have witnessed anyone doing so please let us know. End of whinge.

I have heard a number of people complaining about the flyer sent around the village trying to control parking in the Village Hall car park. The car park is private land and is for the use of tenants and persons renting the Hall plus folk attending the doctors’ surgery or the post office. There have been complaints from people renting the hall only to find cars parked leaving insufficient space for their event. Now unofficially I and many others have no objection to the hall car park being used when there in no one renting but there is no practicable way to disseminate that information.

On a much lighter note for those of you who travel to France. I went to my sister for her birthday (70 but don't tell anyone). While there a party of twenty went to an "Au Berge" out in the country side of Normandy for lunch. A four course meal including wine, cider and coffee.  All for the price of 13 Euros. The food was excellent and empty wine bottles replaced with full ones. I know not of any restaurant in the UK where you would get such a good deal, do you?

Remember as always my views ARE MY OWN and not necessarily those of the Parish Council or anyone else.

John Birkett