Whatever skullduggery might furtively be happening in the tea rooms, bars, meeting rooms and offices within The Palace of Westminster and Portcullis House, we country folk are to have our very own election this year. The Parish Council election will be held in May to continue the valuable good work done by sensible people for the benefit of our lovely parish and community. This edition contains information and guidance that will be of interest to any qualifying resident who might wish to stand for office and join the noble efforts on our behalf.

While the work of the Parish Council is more about keeping our ditches and general environment in good fettle rather than erecting hard borders with Wokingham Borough Council, significant issues do arise that threaten our quality of life, Sometimes these come out of the blue, such as the current exploration by planners of their idea to build a massive housing complex on the greenfield lands on the edge of our village. Our representation can be key when such pressures appear. Let’s hope that willing candidates with useful skills and willing hearts come forward to keep up the good work for the next few years.

While in this vein, our wider surrounding areas have known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns. Known knowns include the facts that there will be a third runway constructed at Heathrow Airport and that Crossrail will pass by our border and have a stop at Twyford.  Known unknowns include no known dates for the opening of the Heathrow third runway or the opening date for the Western section of Crossrail services. We just don’t know what the unknown unknowns might be, by definition, but we know they will become known in time, even if they are only known unknowns.

At the time of writing, we know nothing at all about whether Great Britain will become an independent nation once again, remain as a state within the European Union or have a foot somehow undefined in both camps. This known unknown was forecast in 1982 by a musical group known as The Clash (Should I stay or should I go?).

We are living in strange times, with many bored to death by an impending evolution of great significance in our long and interesting national history, while others might be riveted by the love and care for our interests and wellbeing being taken by our members of parliament, putting themselves so nobly ahead of their own personal and party interests. Their willingness to work together with open minds and compromising spirits are just the qualities needed to ensure a bright and prosperous future for us all - are they not?