At last, the joys of an approaching spring season lie before us after a gusty March.  It was interesting to note that the tree that fell across Broadmoor Road on 10 March might have been weakened by the prolific amount of ivy that was strangling it. Your editor has lost trees due to ivy growth. It is cunning.

It’s hard to notice ivy quietly climbing tree trunks standing among other foliage. The ivy leaves stealthily imitate the green tree leaves such that as the Ivy stems thicken around the tree trunk and suck the life out of the tree it can be too late when one notices the problem and the tree dies. It is worth checking all of your trees, if you have them, and cutting the ivy stems or better still uprooting them all before their deadly grip murders them.

Readers might not be too familiar with some of the events in The Highland Games. Your editor is greatly looking forward to the proposed new competitions to be introduced to our Summer Fete this June, which will include Tossing the Caber, The Shot Put, Hammer Throwing and a grand finale of Sword Dancing using the juggled Polar Foil if that can be suitably arranged. Sounds like fun and bound to lead to some cryptic reviews.

As we go to press, the burning question of the day has to be whether it’s reasonable to mention the ‘B word’ in a parish magazine. Amid signs of growing shortages, your editor, while repairing his ancient furniture has found the local timber merchants can offer no mahogany, no teak, no walnut, no oak and no deal and the local authority wants to limit his plans for an extension. Perhaps we shall know more after the end of May.

There have been quite a few messages of concern circulating about the poor condition of the ponies deserted by the travellers when they departed from their illegal occupation of land. Unfortunately, it seems that there has been reluctance by the RSPCA and from horse charities to assist. It is only by kindness of nearby residents and others that they remain alive. What a telling legacy that is. Also, there have been some reports of strange behaviour of car drivers appearing to be casing homes and even strangers knocking on doors asking for a bed for the night. It’s a time to be vigilant and review your home security. The police are aware and it is worth reporting suspicious behaviour on the non-emergency 101 number. Noting car registration numbers for that purpose is recommended.

As April gets underway, it’s hoped that nobody has been fooled.