More Parish Notes from John the Ticket

Well many people attended Micks funeral followed by the wake in the Neville Hall. Apparently some 300 people attended, probably one of the largest turnouts in the Parish Church. A good friend that will be missed by many. RIP.

Now a quick mention on Brexit. I’m in France at the moment so I see on line that there will be a postponent but for how long is to be decided by our friends in Europe; the day after copy for the mag closes. Watch this space next month.

As you know (I hope) there will be Parish Elections in May. We need better representation for Shurlock Row and Beenhams.  Recent Parish Councillors with one exception have all been from WSL. I cannot be sure but closing date for volunteers is very close. 

A little bit of nonsense. Crows/Rooks not sure of difference other than size have taken to building nests at the top of my neighbour’s enormous Walnut tree. As I think everyone knows we have had exceptionally strong winds recently. Don’t know what materials the birds use but the nests all survived. Wonder what they know that we don’t.

You will have heard in the media that Boeings seem to have a problem with their latest  variant of the Boeing 737 where two have crashed under similar conditions and the remaining fleet has been grounded. I hope that the cause is rapidly found and corrected.

Boeing back in the 60’s first flew the 737 and set the scene for aircraft design for years to come. Basic layout twin engine slung underneath the wing.  Same basic layout then used for varying sized aircraft. B757, B767, B777, B787. In Europe A300, A320, A330, A350. In Canada the C series airplanes. Enough plane spotter rubbish.

A couple of things you could do for the Village School. There are still vacancies for School Govenors. If you would be interested please contact the Head Mistress. Contact details inside the back page of this magazine. The position does not require you to spend hours and hours but do need to attend monthly meetings in school term time.  The other thing is please join the green redeem scheme and donate any points to the village school. I will need to look at this green thing myself.

Am I the only idiot still with BT. I seem to be having a very long battle with the lovely BT organisation. I was told initially that I should get 10 to 15MBTS. Never did and connection of the last year was intermittent. At last they agreed there was a fault on the line and those nice people from Openreach came out to fix it. Took a couple of visits but my BT Hub now has a continuous blue light on. Perhaps I should not speak to soon but now I do get 5 to 7MBS instead of 2 to 3.  

As stated above I am in France. My nephew was taken ill and my little sister was somewhat upset so I took off to spend a few days holding her hand. It has not been easy. Now I have to try and do my bit and then send back to the editor. Will be home soon.

Remember as always my views ARE MY OWN and not necessarily those of the Parish Council or anyone else     

John Birkett