The weather has just not been suitable for seed sowing, however I have been to the garden centre and spent (many) pounds on seeds, seed spuds and so on. I sometimes wonder if it would be better to buy in the supermarket but have convinced myself that the work involved in gardening is good for me and that for the veg I grow I know what has gone into them. In my case no harmful sprays. Bring on the warmer weather.

Again there are still a few planning applications not yet determined. The main one of concern is 16/02861 Bellman Hanger decision expected 2nd December 2016. I do see from time to time (when I go to Tesco's) tree surgeons at the site. I do hope they are not taking out more trees on the instructions of a developer. Also application 17.01719 Beenhams Farm Cottages expected 19th July 2016. Makes you wonder what goes on at RBWM. 

Mr Donald Trump (known as "The Donald") has now been invested at the President of the USA. I have not watched the inauguration on TV as I am depressed enough. Over next year or more we have the Brexit process going on. Our friends in Europe also have elections. My little sister in France has some anxiety that Marine Le Pen may win. Angela Merkel in Germany faces similar challenges. It could be a very interesting year or two. I do believe that The Donald may be the biggest concern.

I do wish our Borough Council could work with other Councils to find suitable sites for travellers. I suspect such sites would be far away from settled sites. I further suspect that, that would not be acceptable to travellers as they need to be near "settled communities" in order to find work.

On a lighter note. My hand is now working OK and the fingers are straighter than they were. I can hold a pint glass in either hand. Spring is round the corner and we can look forward to a warm summer, subject to continued global warming good or bad as that may be.

Again I express my thanks to all those who have supported me this last four years. In the words of Charles Mason bless you all.

Remember as always my views ARE MY OWN and not necessarily those of the Parish Council or anyone else.

John Birkett