johnb mugshotA good number of persons in our patch breathed a sigh of relief when a number of persons removed themselves from a site in Shurlock Road. There is still the matter of one family who have temporary permission to remain on the site. As I write this the family is not on site and has not been there for quite some time. It remains to be seen if they will come back. I would have thought they would rather be a part of a community and not be on their own but hey what do I know. Next comes the big clean up. My understanding is the occupants are responsible to restore the land and if they do not RBWM will do so. We shall see.

Our Parish Clerk of many years has tendered her resignation. The position does carry a salary unlike the position of Parish Councillor (unpaid). You would not grow rich on the income but if you would be interested in taking the position please get in touch with the Parish Council (contact details inside the back cover of the Lych Gate or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).  From a personal point of view I shall miss Sally big time. She has been there the whole time I have been on the council, some ten years now.

The Donald.  He does seem to upset a lot of people and also chooses some not so suitable persons to fill senior positions. One Michael Flynn, National Security Advisor had to resign after he had talks with the Russian Embassy and then tried to cover them up. The Donald's pick for Secretary of Labour, Andy Puzder, has withdrawn his nomination for consideration in the new Cabinet, wonder why. The entire senior level of management officials at the US State Department has resigned - rather than serve under the Donald. How to win friends and influence the people!

The Neighbourhood plan moves on. This is the plan jointly raised by Hurley Parish, White Waltham Parish, Shottesbrooke Parish Meeting and WSL Parish.  The inspector who kind of checks it over has made some changes. He deleted a number of proposed policies one of which was for WSL. It was designed to strengthen the conservation and green belt in the village centre. The inspector was of the opinion that this was excessive as the area is well covered by the green belt and the conservation area regulations. The authors of the proposed plan had a choice to accept the changes or to abandon the proposed plan which would have meant no Neighbourhood plan for our area. It was decided to accept the changes. If all goes well there will be in due course a referendum to see if the plan is acceptable to the Parishes.

So many programmes on TV and Radio extol the virtues of keeping fit especially for those of us that are a bit older than others. So Ticket tries to take himself at least three times a week to the Magnet Centre swimming pool. Do find I am a bit out of breath so briefly stop a few times in the time I am there. Hopefully will live a long and healthy life.

Remember as always my views ARE MY OWN and not necessarily those of the Parish Council or anyone else.

John Birkett