nickkendalDespite the debates about global warming and its possible causes this, thus far, cool spring brings to mind the eons-old adage ‘ne'er cast a clout till May be out’. In modern parlance this suggests you shouldn’t put your winter clothes away until June. So, as the French say, ‘plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose’; the more things change the more they stay the same. The meaning of this idiom is that turbulent changes do not affect reality on a deeper level other than to cement the status quo. The sun will still rise.

All of this is currently rather apt, given that electiile dysfunction is in the French and British air with the 5 year parliament act proving the fixed term to be easily overcome, amusingly causing turkeys to vote for Christmas here and there’s corruption and racist chaos in France (as usual). The exceptions prove the rule and it seems pretty unlikely that ‘May be out’, while we wait to see who gets clouted in France. Any real progress with Brexit negotiations won’t happen until after the German election in September, so we can keep our eyebrows raised while confusion reigns throughout the summer.

What better relief from all of this can we countryfolk possibly find than relishing the joys of the British summer that now lies ahead for our precious little domain. The aromas of new mown grass, farmland fertilisation, summer flowers, sizzling sausages on the Bar-b-que and burgers at the Parish Fête on 17 June will relax those out-of-village tensions to perfection. Let’s hope that the rain gods stay quiet for this year’s fête, allowing glorious sunshine for the day - for a change.

To get the summer under way, there will be musical happenings in the parish from the Junior Choir’s fund raiser on 6 May and some uplifting Handel at the Choral Festival Concert from the Church Choir on 13 May. This begs the question - ‘was Handel a crank or did he just wind up that way’? (Parish Seniors who were motorists of old might need to explain this amusing punning wordplay to our younger colleagues). 

There are no Open Gardens scheduled for The Air Ambulance in our parish this summer, but there are many in the wider area. A link to their website is printed in this edition, along with a booklet delivered with your magazine. It’s a very useful cause if you are feeling generous, although it is to be hoped you will never need it personally.

Treasure the joys of Spring with no worries other than the Trump Armada heading steadily for North Korea. Perhaps they will only be delivering the finest chocolate cake ever seen.

Nick Kendal

[Webmaster: it is generally accepted that "til May be out" actually refers to the Hawthorn blossom appearing, which would take account of annual differences in the timing of the seasons]