The children in Year 1 & 2 had been learning about spring for the last term. They spent a lot of time outdoors, discussing what changes they had noticed as the weather changed from winter to spring. In their English lessons, the children had been looking at the poem 'Spring Greens' by Shirley Hughes.  They talked about what they liked or disliked about the poem and decided that they would want to use adjectives to add more description. They then used the Shirley Hughes poem and all the pictures, drawings and notes they had collected to write their own poems of what they thought spring time represented to them. Here are some of their Spring Poems for you to enjoy…


Daffodils shining in the bright sky

The winter is waving goodbye

Magnificent bushes bursting with buds

Little Sheep playing in the mud

People riding bikes all day

Adults drinking wine and children out to play

Carrots growing through the night

I’m going to fly my kite.


By Thomas Croucher, Year 2


Beautiful daffodils shimmering in the sun,

The sun is shining that means lots of fun.

Green leaves are starting to grow,

Dads are out ready to mow.

Precious flowers are blowing in the breeze,

Pollen is making us sneeze.

The children are out to play,

It looks like spring is here to stay!


By Marcus Edwards, Year 2


Soft silky flowers

Shiny noisy tractors with lots of power

The ducks are hatching

Beautiful butterflies who are matching

Picnicking in the Garden, it is fun

We all play outside, you can come!


By Georgia Hamer, Year 1


Flowers are gleaming in the sun

Blossom in season, its’s so fun!

The sun is bright

People wearing shorts when it is light

Green grass in bud

People playing ball in the mud

Lambs are born

T-shirts outside get torn.

By Oscar Roye, Year 1


Wonderful trees growing in the sun

Massive tractors mowing, it looks like fun!

Cool breezes blowing

The blossom is showing

Spring time vegetable are coming.

Small birds are out humming

Welcome to spring time!

Can you hear the church bells chime.


By Jonny Sparkes , Year 2