johnb mugshotSpring seems to have arrived. Everything growing on nicely. We now need some rain. I am told that rainfall is some 30% lower than normal for this time of year. Drought we do not need. I will swear on a stack of bibles I have not run the hose more than is necessary.

Something for all landowners, property owners and tenants. You may or may not be aware that you are responsible for any water courses adjacent to your property. Something known as "riparian rights". As you will be aware some areas of our patch are liable to flooding. So all ditches and water courses need to be kept clear. For a good number of years your Parish Council has attempted to ensure that "you" keep your bit clear. Unfortunately the authority for ensuring this work is done rests with the RBWM and the Environment Agency and it seems they never have the funds (or the will) to do so. Please ensure your ditches are clear before winter sets in.

Mrs May our local MP has stirred things up a bit with the decision to call a general election on the 8th June. Well ahead in the polls? Labour low in the polls? I wonder if that nice Jeremy Corbyn will be Prime Minister or return to the back benches depending on the result. What will Mrs May do if she loses? Elections now due in several major countries in the EU, Donald still in charge in US, North Korea making war like noises, ISIS/Islamic State, Taxation etc etc. Wonder what the future holds for us all. A little prayer!!

There I was watching a bit of TV in the conservatory when I heard next door’s youngest (Abigail aged 6) laughing and shouting and when I looked up, there low and behold was Mr Branson's Virgin Balloon flying overhead. It is quite a sight to see people in a wicker basket flying over the field (and houses) of WSL in silence. One day I will be up there drinking the champagne. Anyway Abigail's mum invited me round for a glass of wine and to have a go on Wii. A most confusing computer game. Anyone out there any good at it 'cos I am not. Tidily winks, drafts and monopoly I understand.

Some time ago a number of volunteers suggested setting up a "Management Team" for the day to day running of the Village Hall and this was agreed by the Trustees. As a result I hope you have noticed the Hall has had a tidy up of the gardens outside and they are looking good. There have been many changes for the betterment of the Hall and the financial situation is much improved. My thanks go to all the team and especially to the Chair. You know who you are.

Remember as always my views ARE MY OWN and not necessarily those of the Parish Council or anyone else.            

John Birkett