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January 8             

Amba Rose Emily Satchwell

Jack Hargreaves Satchwell

Emilie Jemima Satchwell

Alfie Ryder James Satchwell


January 10         

Kenneth George Williams (83) at Reading Crematorium

19 February 2017 - 2nd Sunday before Lent


Matins We are reintroducing this on the 5th Sunday of the month at 10 am, starting on 30 April. This will be reviewed in due course.

Lent Course Wednesdays 8 March to 12 April, 10-12 and 7.30 to 9.30

Studying Archbishop Justin Welby’s Lent Book Dethroning Mammon

There is a separate flyer, which has full details.

Michael Lee, for many years a resident of this village and core member of the congregation, died on 14 February, aged 82. His funeral will be here in church on Friday 3 March at 2pm. All are welcome.

Congratulations to Bertie and Candy Gilbart-Smith on the birth of their seventh grandchild Beatrice Iona Somerville Clark, born 9 February


  1. Someone to edit and produce this weekly Pew Sheet. You will need a computer, printer, photocopier (optional) and paper cutter, and 30–45 minutes to spare.
    If you think this might be you, tell Charles. Thank you. Cost of consumables will be reimbursed.
  2. People to help regularly (not necessarily every week) with Youth Church. It’s really important to have at least 2 adults on duty when groups meet.
    Please contact Victoria Wickins Tel: 07886 785422 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Charles.
  3. Attendance figures recorder Would you be able to take a few moments every so often to record handwritten data from the Church register onto a spreadsheet?
    It’s not an onerous task but essential to our efficiency and communication with the Church of England.
    Brief training will be given by Derek Titford (to whom we are very grateful for all the years he has done it). Please speak to Charles or to Chris Woodhams (07860 856057)

Today's Services

Collect, Anthem, and Reading at 10 am

Collect of the Day

Almighty God, you have created the heavens and the earth and made us in your own image: teach us to discern your hand in all your works and your likeness in all your children; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, who with you and the Holy Spirit reigns supreme over all things, now and for ever. Amen.

The St Lawrence Cafe is now in its ninth year - first held on St Lawrence's Day, 10th August 2008.
From November that year it was held quarterly (on fifth Sundays), then bi-monthly, and has been run monthly since 2010.

It doesn't seem to matter so much whether I remember to put the banners out these days -
the third Sunday of the month seems to be well known as "Cafe Sunday".

Over the years we've had some interesting events - most popularly the Junior Choir who come every so often to entertain us.  
We've also had other performers, craft fairs and art exhibitions.  Let us know if you have an idea for something...

Just a reminder that the cafe provides a Free Breakfast, as well as an opportunity for the community to meet and chat.

What an exciting Music /Theatre Week we have had at WSL School - The children have really enjoyed iSingPOP, singing pop style songs with actions. This wonderful singing and recording project helps to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural and social development of pupils and has enabled the entire school to produce our very own album! The lyrics of all iSingPop songs are based around Christian values which support our School Values covering love, friendship, freedom, creation, guidance, happiness and thankfulness as well as the children’s learning in a range of subjects  including Music, RE, Citizenship, PE, Reading and Writing etc.

After 17 years in the post the current Clerk has decided that it is time to pass the baton and, following her retirement, Waltham St Lawrence Parish Council is inviting applicants to apply for the position with effect from 1 April 2017. 

Dear Parishioners

I am no expert on church buildings, but I once had the satisfaction (and I hope it wasn't too small-minded of me!) of putting right someone who was: the editor, no less, of a well-known series of guide books.  She had asked me for information about a stained glass window in the church of which I was then the Vicar depicting the Three Marys at the Sepulchre.  I gave her details of the date, dedication and artist, but pointed out that she was wrong about the subject, as in fact it was a scene from the Raising of Lazarus, with Jesus, Mary, Martha and another disciple.

This creepy, intimidating apparition presented itself at the front of the Lych Gate editor’s home at 8.33pm on Tuesday, 10 January, 2017.

The heavily covered balaclava-clad piece of low life tried Nick's car door handle, broke into his neighbour’s garage unhinging the lock and wedging the door closed ready for his likely return.

Nick says he might find a nasty surprise waiting for him should he foolishly return.

The same intruder visited other locations in Halls Lane and Milley Road during that evening and the police have been briefed. A few days later, a man was spotted after dark hiding in a Halls Lane garden. He got away just before the police with dogs arrived just five minutes after being called.

This is a useful and real reminder to keep your locks and other security measures well set.

In this lovely country parish of ours, we should not forget that from time to time they are here among us. 

This year we had our Harvest Festival Service on Friday 30th September and we were so pleased to see many parents, relatives and friends join us in celebrating the Harvest Festival in Waltham St Lawrence Church. 

The weather has just not been suitable for seed sowing, however I have been to the garden centre and spent (many) pounds on seeds, seed spuds and so on. I sometimes wonder if it would be better to buy in the supermarket but have convinced myself that the work involved in gardening is good for me and that for the veg I grow I know what has gone into them. In my case no harmful sprays. Bring on the warmer weather.

Again there are still a few planning applications not yet determined. The main one of concern is 16/02861 Bellman Hanger decision expected 2nd December 2016. I do see from time to time (when I go to Tesco's) tree surgeons at the site. I do hope they are not taking out more trees on the instructions of a developer. Also application 17.01719 Beenhams Farm Cottages expected 19th July 2016. Makes you wonder what goes on at RBWM. 

Many if not most of us living in Waltham St Lawrence will, at some time in our lives, come into contact with the Royal Berkshire Hospital. This is likely to be at birth (there are almost 6,000 births a year at this hospital) or when reaching our declining years.

I am wondering whether you would like to influence how the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust (rather a cumbersome title; I shall now call it the RBH) is run. To do this you could be a Public Governor of the hospital.

The Community Council for Berkshire are a local charity, and we are working with Smart Energy GB to promote smart meters to those that are off mains gas. 
Did you know that even though you are off mains gas you can get a smart meter for your electricity supply?

Smart meters and the rollout.  We are working with our partners in the ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England) Network and Smart Energy GB to raise awareness of the smart meter rollout. We're promoting smart meters to off mains gas residents in Berkshire.

What a successful 7 years we have had.  Great speakers on a very varied collection of subjects, coach trips to Highclere Castle, Waddesdon Manor, Hughenden Manor, Richmond Park including a visit to the Poppy Factory, Boat trips, teas out, Bingo (always good fun and a great laugh), Floral demonstrations and lots more.  We ended last year with our Christmas lunch at Castle Royle.

We meet again on 1st February at 2.30 in the Neville Hall when our speaker will be talking about "Route 66", to be followed as usual with tea and biscuits and the occasional cake.  On1st March Peter Kew will give a talk on "John Logie Baird - Scottish Engineer and Innovator".

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at these, and other upcoming meetings, and would reiterate that visitors are always welcome.

The Committee

The morning is the perfect time to pray.  It gets you focused on God and helps you meditate on those you love and yourself, as well. 

There are many great ways to pray in the morning.  Here are 7 of them.


Everyone is welcome to join Loddon Valley Ramblers on any of these walks.

Just turn up at the start or phone the leader for more details. Please wear appropriate clothing & footwear.

For more walks, including some longer ones, visit Loddon Valley Ramblers Website:

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