1.  Entry form and fees must be returned by Wednesday 5th September, 2018.
  2.  All exhibits must have been made or grown by the exhibitor.
  3.  Entrants are respectfully requested to observe the amateur spirit of the show.
  4.  All Art, Handicrafts and Photographs must have been ‘made’ or taken since the last Show (September 2017).
  5.  Only one entry per exhibitor is allowed in each class.
  6.  Children’s Classes: All exhibits must bear a label with the age of the child.
  7.  Children may also enter Adult classes, but any points earned will not count towards the Junior trophies.
  8.  Exhibits must be staged by 10.30am on the morning of the Show.
  9.  Cookery exhibits must be covered by cling film, where appropriate.
10.  The judges may withhold any prize, and their decision is final.
11.  Exhibitors’ cards will be in the Hall on the morning of the Show.
12.  Exhibits must be removed by 4.15pm after Prize Giving.