The Fete Committee comes together voluntarily to run the Parish Fete.

It includes representatives from the Church, School PTA, Cricket Club and Neville Hall / Parish Council to whom the proceeds go.

In no particular order...

Mark Hipgrave (Chair, Parish Council liaison)
Serena Bowe (Treasurer)
Caroline Butler (Logistics/Planning)
David Crawley-Boevey (Side-shows, Church liaison)
Katie Sarsfield (Barbeque)
Charles Ancliffe (Entertainment)
Rupe Patel (Bar, Cricket Club liaison)
Sally Burtenshaw (Dog Show)
Tina Presnail (Raffle)
Viv McCallum (Tea Tent)
Anne-Marie McEvett (Children's Activities, PTA liaison)
Sarah Wragg (Publicity)

To get in touch, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.